Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power Squash Racket

Well here’s the Harrow Vibe, Jonathon Power Signature, a new style for 2013.

Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power 2013
Image via Holabird Sports

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That’s a distinctive look, though I don’t like it quite as much as last year’s style.

This fella weighs in at 140 grams (strung), and I assume if I play with it I’ll be able to do THIS (action starts at 0:28):


2012 Version

Here’s the 2012 version of the Harrow Custom Vibe. I believe this is the same frame, with a different paint job. According to PDH Sports, this guy weighs in at 125 grams unstrung and is supposed to have an even balance point. That makes it a very light racket, though it’s a smidge heavier than the Harrow Custom Spark, which is advertised as 120 grams unstrung.

Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports:

Here are a couple different looks at this racket. According to a tip from D, the racket itself is a really dark navy color. So that’s why in some pictures it looks blue-ish, and in other pictures it looks black-ish.

Harrow Vibe Custom Squash Racket Black
Image via harrowsports.com

Harrow JP Custom Vibe Squash Racket Black
Image via controlthet.com

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  1. Seb says

    As soon as I placed the order for this, I got a notification that Jonathon Power has been alerted and he is heading downstairs to his squash lair, and shaving off 15 grams from from a brand new Vapor. I will be getting the delivery next week.

    Ok, wishful thinking on my part and enough with the copy/paste. On a serious note, has anyone on this forum played with Harrow rackets and are they really worth the $200+ price ? What makes them expensive compared to the other brands. I have been seeing more and more players using Harrow lately at my club (Vibe and Vapor particularly) and the players really really love these rackets. I am interested in Vibe since it is evenly balanced, but have been holding off on it till I can get some feedback on it.

    • D says

      Seb, the Spark and the Vapor are very popular at my club. While it seems like the rackets have not changed much over the years aside from a new paintjob, they play very nicely, and I can understand their popularity. If you look at the other top offerings from Dunlop and Black Knight, they are in the $180-$200 range. The other brands offer them at a bit less, $150-$160.

      While the the Harrows are great rackets and are gaining in popularity, I have experienced myself, heard from others, and read on the internet comments about their durability. They are, unfortunately, fragile. Moreso than the new Dunlops. My Spark broke within 5 weeks of purchase, and the most abuse I put it through were wall scrapes on tight length. Someone else at the club went through 3 Sparks in a bit over a year before he gave up and switched. A Google search of Harrow reviews online will give you similar statements. So, great racket, but only if you can afford having them replaced often.


    • Jeroen Mulderij says

      A fellow junior I played has a the same racket I think and he was angry because he was 6-2 in front in the fifth and I came back to 10-6 to win the game eventually with 11-9, but anyway he was angry that I came back and hit with his handle against the backwall and the rally after that he broke his handle (HE GOT A LET!!! :O). Was my worst match ever, but happy that I won.

  2. D says

    I got my hands on a demo, because I wanted to give it a try. The racket is actually a really dark navy. Depending on the lighting, it’s either blueish, or black, so I think it’s actually the same paintjob, but with different lighting for photography. We’d have to confirm with Harrow I guess.

  3. M says

    I have to agree with the above comments about the durability of Harrow rackets. I have personally played with many of them before and I absolutely love the playability of Harrow rackets, especially the Fury. However, they really don’t seem to last long. I have a junior who managed to break 2 Jewels in around three months and she’s far from what you’d classify as an aggressive player or a hard hitter who smashes the back corners.

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