Head 135 CT Squash Racquet

Head CT 135 Squash Racket
Image via head.com

One of my regular playing partners, Ken Jaffe, was playing with this racket the other day. I didn’t get a chance to hit with it yet but I thought I’d post it.

According to the specs the balance point is 335mm, which would be rather head-light. And at 135 grams this racket is fairly light.

This has an open string pattern, like the Head Anion 135. My guess is the Anion 135 is just a later version of this same racket. (The Head Xenon 135 is also 135 grams but uses the traditional string pattern).

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  • I think this is the older racket that Jenny Duncalf used to play with, but I think either she has moved to a different racket, or got a new paint job, but the new one looks really nice.


    Let’s see who can can find out..

    • Hi Seb according to Jenny’s Twitter account she’s now using a new version of the Head Cyano. (Will be posting about that soon.) Prior to that she was using the Head Anion 135. Now that I think about what you’re saying, the Anion 135 is probably just a later model of this 135 CT so I agree with you there. Thanks for the tip!


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