Salming Viper Squash Shoes Men

Here’s the Salming Viper. There are now two styles:

Salming Viper 2.0
Salming Viper (original)

There’s also a women’s version.

Salming Viper 2.0

Just spotted this color, which I expect will be dropping in September. They say this one’s navy and orange. Thanks to Harrison for the tip!

Salming Viper 2.0 Men [Navy / Orange]
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Here are two models that came out in early 2015. This one is in white and navy:

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I got a chance to try these out. Here’s my review:

Here’s another new Viper, in “gecko green”:

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Comments via Rick:

Salming Viper (Original)

Here are the models that came out in 2014. I first saw these when PDH Sports posted some photos of the Salming Viper range on their Instagram account a while back, and they’re now available for purchase.

Here’s a men’s version in blue:

Salming Viper Men Blue
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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Adrian Grant has been sporting these:

Adrian Grant 2014
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Borja Golan’s wearing them now:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

So is Ben Coleman:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

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    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Kyle I believe these are going to be court shoes (though, Salming is also coming out with some running shoes in the summer).

  1. Zsolt says

    Did anyone try out these shoes? Couldn’t find any consumer review or opinion on it. Can someone tell me how they are? Would really appreciate it

  2. Denis R Charron says

    I’ve been using these shoes for 3 months.
    I love them, they are very stable on court and have a lot of amortization.
    Highly recommended

    • Zsolt says

      Thank you :d. Had Mizuno wave stealth II’s before, and while they are really good, it turned out it’s not for me. They are to “high off” from the ground and I just don’t find the feeling good for my personal style.
      What i have found about the Viper that it has no special cushioning in the front. But i don’t need much, just wondered how they feel (for example is the front cushioning at least on the level of a low level asics shoe like the Rocket 6/7 ?)
      Sorry for pestering with questions, but I don’t want to buy another shoe that will turn out to be not right for me, especially considering the price of the Viper.
      I’m looking for a shoe that has good grip, that locks down your foot inside and a low feeling with some cushioning. Up until now i have considered the Asics Gel blade 4, Nike kobe 9 and this.
      If anyone has played in one of these please give me some feedback.
      Would appreciate it. Thanks!

      • Denis R Charron says

        Here’s some specification that make these shoes so good on court

        Drop 7mm
        The heel to toe drop of 7° sets up a natural posture, allowing a correct lean throughout the stride.

        Fast lateral stops expose the foot to the risk to roll over outwards, causing injuries. LMS+ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus) is a unique design with a positive angle of 11° that prevents the foot from rolling over outwards.

        3 Layer Construction
        A first layer of mesh material adds comfort, while the middle stabilizes lateral movements and reduces pressure on the foot.
        The exterior thin net mesh encapsulates and wraps up the front in a neat fashion, adding durability to the shoe.

        Lateral Movement Stabilizer – an especially designed light weight integrated dual torsion unit that supports the foot during fast and irregular lateral movements.

        For more reference

  3. Pierre Bastien says

    From YouTube:

    I bought the Salming Viper now, and i really like how light they are. The mesh also provides good ventilation and keeps your feet cool. But they already show a lot of wear. I don´t think they´ll hold as long as my Hi-Tec shoes did. They are also quite stiff, and give my Achilles tendon some stress I have not experienced from other shoes before. Will get used to hopefully.

  4. Harry says

    I’ve had the vipers since they came out. I was looking for a lightweight shoe so tried these. The fit is really secure with tons of good old fashioned grip. The forefoot does have a minimal padding but i’ve always like this as the shoe feels more stable for it. Whilst a few people have voiced concerns about durability mine are lasting extremely well and I play around three times a week so they’ve had a decent amount of play and still going strong. The best court shoes I’ve tried by far.

  5. David says

    Picked a pair of these up as replacements for my asics jel blast 4’s. While the shoes perform fantastically they are NOT DURABLE. I drag the upper inner portion of the shoes on deep lunges, and after TWO WEEKS of having these shoes I wore a hole almost completely through the shoe. As a comparison, my pair of jel blast 4’s lasted a year and a half.

  6. Manuel Febles says

    I have this shoes for 2 months now.
    First of all I have to say that they fit bigger than Asics. My previous pair of Asics Domain 2 were a size 12.5 and these Salming are 12s and I probably could wear a pair of 11.5s…
    They as comfortable as the Asics, usually Asics are more comfortable than other brands like Hi Tec but Salming can match up with Asics.
    About durability, I had some concerns about their durability since I heard some players complaining about this. So far they are holding up. Just a little wear and tear in the insoles and the outer right side its getting detached from the sole but I think a little bit of glue will fix it.
    Overall they are great shoes the only CON I can find is their price… $190CAD per a pair of shoes seems excessive.
    If money is not a concern for you then I would recommend these shoes if you are looking for something cheaper go for the Asics Domain 2 (DON’T BUY THE DOMAIN 3, THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!).

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