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Mizuno Wave Tornado 9

Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 post image

Here's Misaki Kobayashi sporting the Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 at the HK Open: Photo by Squash Site ∞ They look like the Mizuno Wave Tornado 8, but the 5-time Japanese national champ confirmed she is in fact rocking the 9s: @squashsource @TimHsiaWH Ha! That's close...Not 8, mine is 9! :)— Misaki Kobayashi (@Mskobayashi16) August […] Read More

Dunlop Rage 10 Squash Racket

Dunlop Rage 10 Squash Racket post image

The Dunlop Rage 10: another beginner squash racket It's only $40, but it's 185 grams. Head-light. Image via Affiliate Links Here are some affiliate links to buy this product. If you do buy through one of my links, I will get a small commission. Thanks! Buy (US): Buy (France): Buy (Germany): […] Read More

Dunlop Flux 50

Dunlop Flux 50 post image

The Dunlop Flux 50. Looks like it's a beginner squash racket just based on the price ($69.95 / £49.95 at the moment). This puppy weighs in at a hefty 155 grams and is supposed to be head light. It has a nice design: Image via Buy (US): Buy (UK): Have you used […] Read More

Wilson Vertex Shoes

Wilson Vertex Shoes post image

Check out these Wilson Vertex Shoes: Image via Pretty sweet. Saw them on Nicky Mueller: Photo by Squash Site ∞ Affiliate Links […] Read More

Head Cyano 145

Head Cyano 145 post image

Here's the Head Cyano 145: Image via Never really seen this puppy before. I only came across it when I was just researching my post on the Head Cyano 115. Anyway, it's 145 grams, so heavier than the 115. It supposed to be a balance point of 32cm, which should feel head-light. Affiliate Links […] Read More

Head Cyano 115 – Nour El Tayeb

Head Cyano 115 – Nour El Tayeb post image

Here's the Head Cyano 115, in the hands of Nour El Tayeb: Photo by Squash Site ∞ Although she's looking at it disapprovingly here, she's been on quite a tear with it recently, making it to the finals of the Malaysian Open, taking out Laura Massaro, Madeline Perry and Amanda Sobhy along the way. She's […] Read More

Borja Golan Using New Eye Racket

Borja Golan Using New Eye Racket post image

Here's Borja Golan at the 2014 HK Open. Looks like he's switched to the Eye X.Lite 120 Control (same one as Shabana). Photo by Steve Cubbins ∞ Thanks to Javier for the tip! Here's Borja in an Eye product photo: Prior to that he was using the Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control, though he's been […] Read More

Spotted: Mizuno Wave Stealth 3

Spotted: Mizuno Wave Stealth 3 post image

These Mizuno Wave Stealth 3 are new on the scene. Successor to the Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 of course, which Zsolt said have "insane grip". Image via […] Read More

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