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  1. Ben says

    This string is meant to be a very good all round string. Never used myself, but heard it’s quite good, however it has very poor durability. That’s the price you pay for better play ability I guess!

  2. Zach S Salleh says

    have just restrung my two rackets( Head Graphene Neon 130 and Prince Pro Tour 850) with this tiny strings. With this string in the graphene neon 130, it feels a bit stiff(string tension at 26.5 lbs) but it make lots of improvement in the accuracy and control of the shots. The strings move a lot when you grip the ball and it sometimes help me to slice the ball for a drop shot in the front court. the cons of this string ( in my opinion ) is the power generation from the string bed. because it is stiff monofilament, i find my shots are powerless and not much ‘pop’ sounds generated when i strike a ball to the wall(if compared to the tecnifibre 350 1.10 green string). With this string in my Prince racket, it only last about a week( i play squash at least 1-2 hours everyday) so this string is not really preferrable on a long-stringbed type racket. But i find the resilience is more significant with this string in my prince racket. I like to try different strings on my rackets( now i am using Rucanor-Gosen Hy-Sheep 1.17 string on my prince racket) and my advice, dont go for thinner string higher than gauge 18 if you want nice blend of control, touch, power and resilience.

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