1. Scott J. says

    I have been a long time user of the Asics Gel Blast 5, Blue. Though a little heavier than other Asics I’ve used through the years, they are by far the best. If you need extra cushioning, then the extra ounce or two is worth it.

    Not only in comfort, but in looks, I feel the Blast 5 are the best looking squash shoes out there. Even the new Fireblast, which is significantly costlier, don’t match up with the Blast 5 looks.

    This Blast 6, though, is actually quite terrible. It looks horrendous. Has no echo of the previous Gel Blasts. Not sure about comfort, never tried it. But if I had to change out of my Blast 5, I would consider Fireblast, not these terrible looking shoes which dont’ seem to fit in anywhere in the Asics range…

  2. Pierre Bastien says

    The feedback on the new Gel Blast design has been pretty negative. Personally I like the design, but maybe I am just staring at so many shoes that I am craving distinctive designs.

    Seems like the takeaway here is if you are keen to introduce a striking new shoe, DON’T choose one of your most popular shoe lines as the guinea pig; instead, create a new shoe with its own personality.

  3. Zsolt says

    I’m still hoping this is just a placeholder model. as I noticed it didn’t even have a vent opening on the sole like previous models. I do agree that it’s good to experiment with new models, but you don’t do that with one the best selling model lines…. Oh well, i guess i’ll stick around with the Blast 5 model or shoot for the MIzuno Stealth 2 or 3 model.

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