Asics Gel Flashpoint Women

The Asics Gel Flashpoint for Women. (There’s also a men’s version.)

You see the pictures and you think: whoa. But when you seem them in person (on someone with more courage) they’re pretty cool.

There are a few different styles to choose from. Pictures, and affiliate links that I can find, are below.

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women

These shoes are now onto their second iteration, called the Asics Gel Flashpoint 2.

Here’s a multicolor one:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Multicolor

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This one’s another doozy in purple, peach and green:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Purple Peach Green

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Here’s one from CĂ©lia Allamargot’s Instagram:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Green Pink Yellow
Image via

Haven’t found anywhere to buy this yet. You can buy this puppy now.

Here’s a product photo:

Image via

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Asics Gel Flashpoint Women (Original)

Pink / Blue / Yellow:

Asics Gel Flashpoint Women - Black Yellow Pink

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Orange / Pink / Blue:

Asics Gel Flashpoint Women - Orange PInk Blue

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Yellow / Purple / Turquoise:

Asics Gel Flashpoint - Yellow Purple Turquoise

Samantha Teran wore these at the 2014 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Heba El Torky also wore these at the 2014 HK Open:

Photo by Squash Site

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