Asics Gel Rocket 7 Men

Here’s the Asics Gel Rocket 7. Asics Gel Rockets are relatively low-priced and usually have pretty cool styles, making them one of the most popular shoes in squash.

Prior version: Asics Gel Rocket 6
Women’s version: Asics Gel Rocket 7 Women

Here’s the navy / white / lime color scheme [added May 2015]:

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Men [Navy White Lime]
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Here’s one in colors they call “flash yellow” and “Chinese red”, which seems like a weird color name for a shoe, but maybe it will bring you good fortune and joy. Anyway here they are:

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Men [Flash Yellow/Black/Chinese Red]
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Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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Here’s a blue version for men. It’s the latest in a long and distinguished phalanx of Asics Gel Rocket shoes.

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Blue
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I’m pretty sure that was a tip from Michał Porębski (thanks!)

Haven’t seen this one for sale though.

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This is a pretty cool color scheme. This might be good for the Princeton squash team…

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Men - Black White Orange
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Here’s the green version, which was released in 2014:

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Green
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Just saw this black version:

Asics Gel Rocket 7 Black
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  1. Brock in HK says

    These are always an affordable, high quality shoe for squash. Despite being in the lower end of the Asics price range, they are durable and fit the foot well. Not sure what the extra bucks get you to buy more expensive Asics shoes. Anyone done a comparison on the Rockets vs. other Asics, or maybe vs. Salmings, the new darling of the PSA tour guys?

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Brock, Stefan had a great, detailed comment about this over here. Basically, the low end shoes are good but you get more cushioning with the higher end shoes.

      • Brock in HK says

        Good comment from Stefan. I lean towards less cushioning personally, to get more floor feel, especially in the forefoot. That said, my knees are holding up so far (knock wood!) and I get the lateral support I want from the Rockets, although I haven’t tried other Asics models. Sometimes you stick with the devil you know.

  2. Mike says

    Bought these shoes after using Asics Blast 5 and Asics Domain 2 for a couple years each. The Blast by far felt the heaviest (I think its ~13.5 oz). The Domain I think is ~12.4oz and this Rocket is ~11.5oz (Rocket 6s were ~10.5oz). I have been playing it for a few weeks and the cushioning is fine although I never had an issue with my knees so I am not sure how others would take it.

    It definitely feels light and is a bit more flexible than the Domain. As with all Asics, it is a bit narrow and wish they introduced a “Wide Feet” option for their court shoes. No issue with heat, friction, breathability so far.

  3. Juan says

    I used the previous version of this model and for some reason these shoes made me fall and almost gave me a sprained ankle on more than one occasion. I know it wasn’t normal for me to fall; I played squash occasionally as a kid (1995-2001) and competitively since 2009 onwards and this had never happened to me until I got those shoes. I know it may sound biased but I assure you as soon as I changed to the asics gel blade 4 the problem was solved. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the asics rockets?

  4. Snelly says

    I have just bought these and agree with Mike – very light and great on court. Also exceptional value for money at only £50.

    Highly Recommended.

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