Black Knight Magnum Corona 6 Squash Racket

The Black Knight Magnum Corona 6. It’s medium weight (140 grams), heady-heavy, and has an average-size head (475 cm2).

Black Knight Magnum Corona 6 Squash Racket
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Daryl Selby uses this guy:

Daryl Selby - Black Knight Magnum Corona 6
Photo by Steve Cubbins

This racket is the successor to the Black Knight Magnum Corona. Don’t ask what happened to the Coronas 2-5. Nobody knows. Why do you ask? I wouldn’t know anything about it.

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Update: It looks like Daryl Selby has switched to the Black Knight Ion Element PSX Daryl Selby signature racket.

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  1. Alex says

    You say that you don’t know what happened to Coronas 2-5: at it says that “The Black Knight Magnum Corona 6 is also a Power of 6 frame, analyzed under stress at 6 key points, with the resulting data used to fine tune the racket until the best performance results are achieved”, which I presume is where – as the successor to the original Magnum Corona – the racquet getsits name?


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