Borja Golan at the 2014 British Open

Borja Golan had a tough first-round loss to Mathieu Castagnet at the British Open.

Photo by Steve Cubbins


Racket: Though Borja is newly sponsored by Eye Rackets, it looks like he’s still using his old Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140 (but painted with Eye brand markings)

Shoes: Asics Gel Domain

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  • I am curious that if he will be penalized coz he is not using his sponsor’s racket

    • I’m not sure how that works. They probably aren’t that happy about it :)

  • Note that Borja also switched to the green Technifibre 305 strings (previously blue Ashaway or Dunlop?).

    • Nice spot!

      • Replying to HK squash fans comment: Borja may not want to use EYE rackets but EYE still wants the advertising and publicity. (But I really have no clue, that was just an idea) Also responding to Tjeerd’s comment: Nice spot noticing the string change but I do not think that it’s the Tecnifibre 305s. The other new EYE player (Amr Shabana) has been using EYE’s new strings, nearly identical to the 305s. Given how Borja has “signed” with eye rackets I would assume that Borja would be using them too. Take a look at the new eye strings:

        They’re suppost to be very good “all-around” strings. Pierre, I’m not sure if you’ve seen them yet, because I don’t think they’ve been released into the US.


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