Dunlop Apex Power Squash Racket

The Dunlop Apex Power can be yours for (currently) £32. That’s pretty low. It’s about a quarter of what Dunlop’ most expensive racket costs.

Dunlop Apex Power
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Weight: Light (120 grams)
Balance: Head-light
Head Size: Large (525 sq. cm)

So this is a 120-gram, head-light racket. With a HUGE head. 525 sq. cm. is like, Sputnik. But seriously though, has anyone tried this racket? Because other than the freakin’ HUGE head size measurement, this racket sounds pretty normal. Does it have, like genital warts or anything? I want to try this racket.

Update: I think this has been replaced by the Dunlop Apex Tour.

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Have you tried this racket? How does it play?

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  1. Asad says

    Isn’t this the second coming (or third coming) of Venom 115/120 which was followed by Vision 120? Same head size.

    I have been looking for venom 115 (my favourite) on the web, and i can’t find it anywhere (North America and UK). Same for Vision 120.


  2. Sebastian Janowski says

    Hi Pierre! I bought this racket today. It looks good but have to check it in play. Next week I will tell you if it’s worth to buy if you are interested in.

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