Squash Goggles

It's essential to wear squash goggles every time you play or practice squash. Squash is played in close quarters and you don't want a flying ball or racket to make contact with your eyes and potentially damage your eyesight. And in any event, most squash facilities, squash leagues and tournaments require you to wear protective eyewear on the court. Scroll down to see some of the different styles that are available.

Please note that in order to get sufficient eye protection, you need goggles with polycarbonate lenses. In the US, eyewear must meet something called the ASTM-F803 standard. It's OK to wear contact lenses as long as you wear polycarbonate lenses over them. Regular eyeglasses and open eyeguards (with no lenses) are not safe enough to play squash with (click here to read a research study). If you wear prescription lenses, you'll need to purchase prescription squash glasses. Talk to your optician about ordering a pair of these.