Harrow Fury Squash Racket

This is the Harrow Fury squash racket, which I first spotted in this tweet by Australian pro Lisa Camilleri:

Like Lisa says, this racket bears the signature of Natalie Grainger, former world #1.

Harrow Fury Squash Racket

This racket is 145 grams so a medium weight. The Harrow Website says the balance point is 380mm, which should feel slightly head-heavy. Oddly they state the racket has an even balance. Maybe when you feel the Fury, it just makes the racket feel a bit lighter than it would otherwise normally.

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  1. M says

    there seems to be two different versions of this racket. i recently purchased one of these and it’s actually the racket in the photo in this link: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/graphics/product_images/pDSP1-9944978p275w.jpg

    as you may notice, it has a slightly different paintjob, but more importantly, the strung weight printed on the inner part of the throat is 140g, not 145g like the other version.

    on a separate note, i absolutely love this racket right from the very first hit i had with it. but as with all harrows, i’m waiting to see how long it holds up before it breaks.

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