Harrow Vapor Squash Racket [New 2015 Models Released]

This is the Harrow Vapor. Why is this called the Vapor? It’s because when you slice this racket through the air, it leaves behind a trail of water vapor. Not from the racket itself, but from the eyes of your opponent, as he weeps, softly.

Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (140 grams strung)
Balance Head-Heavy (38cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 19


Harrow Vapor Misfit [Blue or Pink] released 2015
Harrow Vapor [Red/Black] released 2013
Harrow Vapor [Original]
Harrow Dread Vapor

Harrow Vapor Misfit

The Harrow Vapor Misfit is new for 2015/2016. Here’s the blue version. Is that a skull on the throat? Cool.

Harow Vapor Mifsit
Image via harrowsports.com

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It comes in a pink version too (also with skull). Pretty badass:

Image via harrowsports.com

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Harrow Vapor Red/Black

This was the Vapor for the the 2013/2014 season. Love the color scheme on this:

Harrow Vapor 2013/2014
Image via holabirdsports.com

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Here’s Ryan Cuskelly with the Vapor:

Photo via @cusk87

And Alan Clyne:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Harrow Vapor (Original)

And here’s the original version, also pretty cool:

Harrow Vapor 2013

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This has been spotted in the hands of Raneem El Weleily and Omar Abdel Aziz, both at the US Open.

Here’s Omar with the Vapor:

Source: usopensquash.com

And here’s Raneem with the Vapor:

Source: squash365.com

Also, Low Wee Wern of Malaysia used to use this racket, strung with Tecnifibre 305 strings. Thanks to ‘M’ for the tip!

wee wern low
Photo: Steve Cubbins

Oh, here’s Omneya Abdel Kawy with the Vapor. She’s got a signature version with a custom paint job:

omneya abdel kawy
Photo: Steve Cubbins

Joshna Chinappa also uses a custom version of the Vapor, in Indian colors:

joshna chinappa
Photo: Steve Cubbins

If you know of anyone else using the Vapor, please let me know in the comments!

Harrow Dread Vapor

Here’s the Harrow Dread 2. Mon. This is a Jamaica-ish design over top of the Harrow Vapor.

Harrow Dread 2
Image via holabirdsports.com

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Here’s the original Harrow Dread Vapor:

Harrow Dread Vapor Squash Racket

The product description on this racket makes me cringe a little bit:

It’s time to get irie with the newest design of Harrow’s best selling racquet around the world. With the same performance and playability that you have come to expect from the Vapor, this jammin’ makeover is sure to improve your game and style, mon.

Maybe this is the racket Bob Marley would have played squash with. Speaking of Bob Marley, did you ever watch the documentary called Marley? At one point, his son Ziggy Marley tells this story of how Bob used to challenge his kids to running races, but instead of letting his kids win, Bob would run as FAST as he possibly could. You should watch the documentary. Mon.

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  1. M says

    Low Wee Wern of Malaysia also uses this racket strung with tecnifibre 305 strings. Thought you might wanna know.

  2. Michel Goulche says

    I’am a bit confuse with the weight of the racket cause they are given fully equipped. Can you tell me what is the lightest ?


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