Head Anion 135 Squash Racket

There are a couple Head Anion 135 rackets.

This guy’s called the Head YouTek Anion2 135 squash racket. This is the second-generation of this racket, and if you want to be in the know, you style it with a subscript 2, like this: Anion2.

Head Youtek Anion 135 2 Squash Racket
Image via amazon.com

The Anion2 is 135 grams, just like the the Xenon 135. But the Anion2 has strings going all the way down through the throat, whereas the Xenon has the crossbar. Here’s a picture of both rackets for comparison:

Head Youtek Anion 135 2 Squash Racket ← Anion ← Xenon

According to the Head Website, the Anion2 is head-light and geared for power, whereas the Xenon is head-heavy and geared for control.

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Also here’s the 2012 version, which was just called the Head Anion, without that pesky 2 weighin’ it down. It’s also referred to as the Head YouTek Anion 135.


Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk | pdhsports.com

There’s also this Head Anion2 135 Ltd. I’m not really sure what is different about this racket besides the cosmetics, which are pretty cool.

Head Anion2 135 Ltd

Buy (UK): pdhsports.com

Update: The 2013 version of this racket is called the Head Graphene Cyano 135. And you can still pick up the Head 135 CT, a prior model.

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  1. Gene Gobus says

    Hi, perhaps needless to say that the Anion2 is (amongs others) is played by Jenny Duncalf. The Xenon2 is played by Laura Massaro and one of the Egyptian wizzards Karim Darwish.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Derek says

    Hi Pierre,
    I was wondering how this would fare against the Prince Airstick 130 (my current racket) I string with 305 green @24lbs. Also, how much do the grip sizes differ?


    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Derek I am not sure how those compare. I will ask on one of the squash forums and see if anyone has used both.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Derek, so far I’ve gotten this quick response:
      “I’ve used both rackets and much prefer the Head. Found the balance to suit my game and as well as providing generous power I found the Head didn’t lack in the touch department. As much as I tried with the Prince I could not get it to work for me like Ramy does for him!”

      • Derek says

        I went ahead and bought the Anion 135, strung it with the 305 at 24lbs, and I must say, not quite as quick on the volley, but I get so much more consistency off it. Although I can pull off more Ramy style trick shots with the Airstick, (I used to be an avid badminton player, so I use a lot of wrist in my shots), I’ll take the consistency over the flashy any day. Plus, the Anion actually has a good looking color scheme!

  3. Neil Lyon says

    Hi, I have been using head for some time and just got this Anion 135 ltd, I hit the ball pretty hard but want to get suggestions on the best tension for restringing it.


  4. George says

    Just thought id mention that after your strings break your frame relaxes so you might want to go a lower tension afterwards, if you want more power you should go for a loser tension like 27,26. If you want more control or cut you can go towards 28,29

    -a constant string breaker

    Haha hope this kinda helps!

  5. John says

    Or ….. u try 2 different strings with different tensions. At the moment I play with a Babolat (horizontal) 10,5 kg and Pacific (vertical) 11,5 kg. 4 me it makes the difference between 3 weeks and (now) 3 months necessarely change of string. For example; Ashaway Power Nick 18 takes me 3 weeks (4 times a week). 8 years ago bal-speed was clocked on 134 mph.

  6. David says

    This is one of my favourite racquets and a great cheaper alternative to the 2013/2014 graphene version. The balance point between is slightly different but shouldn’t make a huge difference.

    This racquet needs to be strung at 26lbs in my opinion. 27lbs seemed too tight and lacked power and touch. At 25lbs, you might be annoyed at the strings moving around.

    I’m ordering the limited version as it’s on sale at the moment. Hopefully it’s the same racquet but more awesome looking!


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