Hi-Tec Squash Shoes

Hi-Tec squash shoes have been one of my favorite brands over my many years of playing squash. Hi-Tec has been around the squash scene for over 30 years. They focused in the early days on creating a squash-specific shoe, and this has translated into a strong position among squash players even to this day.

My well-loved pair of Hi-Tec Squash Shoes


I haven’t tried Hi-Tec shoes for a few years now, in part because I wanted to branch out in terms of my research for this site, but in part because they seem to have radically changed their shoe designs in recent years with the introduction of the Infinity Flare models.

Women’s versions: Hi-Tec Squash Shoes Women

Hi-Tec Squash Classic

Hi-Tec Infinity Flare

Hi-Tec Indoor Lite

Hi-Tec Adrenalin Pro

Hi-Tec Viper Court

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