Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket Review

The Prince Rebel Squash Racket is used by several top pros, including world #1 Nicol David on the women’s pro tour as well as Tarek Momen, Max Lee and Saurav Ghosal on the men’s tour.

This racket is 135 grams so pretty light, and it has a head-heavy balance point (37.5cm).

Note (as of March 2014): Prince is coming out with a newer version of this racket, the Prince Pro Rebel 950. It’s not available for sale yet but should be coming soon.

Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket

In the picture above you see the EXO3 Rebel 2012 / 2013 version.

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Here’s the 2011 version of the same racket. As I understand, this is exactly the same racket, just different cosmetics:

Prince Rebel squash racket

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Note: I’ve seen some stores list this as the Prince EX03 Rebel squash racket (as in zero-three rather than oh-three). Technically the letter O is correct — that’s how Prince writes it on their Website — but if you are searching for this racket you may want to try it both ways.

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  1. Ben says

    Hi everyone, To describe this racket in one abbreviation OMG! It’s amazing! Great control, and excellent power, the sweet spot is massive thanks to the EX03 technology, which gives better power and control.
    Very durable too, quite expensive but worth every penny, brought 2 rackets on a great deal. Factory string is good, so I am not getting it restrung yet! But if I was, I would get tecnifibre 305, no question about it, best racket i have ever used and probably the best racket out there on the market! Get it now, it will improve your game so much that you will be out of this world!

  2. Adi says

    This is indeed a very good racket. I have 2011 version of this. Have enjoyed factory fitted string for a long time. However, broke the string recently :( , replacement string SuperNickXLTitanium with 28 lbs tension just felt wrong, needed more tension. I wish along with recommended tension PrinceSquash could write the factory fitted tension it comes with, appreciate tension would change over time but would be nice to know.
    Will try the UltraNick17 at 27lbs (Ashaway recommends 10-15% less tension on these) and see how it feels.


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