Prince Pro Beast 750 Squash Racket

This guy is called the Prince Pro Beast 750. It looks like Ramy Ashour will be playing with this soon.

Image via

Racket Specs
Weight: Light (128 grams)
Balance: Even (35.3 cm)

PDH Sports have also got some pictures up on their Google Plus page.

Image via PDH Sports

Image via PDH Sports

Thanks to Rick Young for the tip on this racket.

I haven’t seen Ramy using this racket yet, but I did catch Sarah-Jane Perry using this at the British Open:

Sarah-Jane Perry 2014 British Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

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Prince Pro Beast 750 Reviews

Here’s my own review of the Prince Pro Beast. Short version: I loved it.

Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports. He says the “balance is great” and he’s “able to cut the ball in really nicely”:

Here’s a unprecedented SECOND review from PDH Sports. Paul says this racket doesn’t have much control, but it’s very powerful and fun to play with.


  1. Ben says

    Hi everyone, there is a new prince range coming out in April. There is another one called the prince sp black 950 which i might get, it is meant to be very powerful, i think that is what the 950stands for (power level.)

  2. Mike says

    Hi, I am very tempted to buy Prince, but I have seen some comments about them breaking too easy? Is this true, or has Prince resolved this? Thanks

  3. Snelly says

    I would argue that Prince rackets are the least robust of all that I have used. The Dunlop Biomimetics are fragile too. If you want a strong racket, Tecnifibre is the way to go.

    The 03 Black is a lovely racket though, just make sure you don’t tap it on the wall..

  4. Lewis B says

    I have been playing squash for over 20 years and I use Prince rackets because I consider them to be the best on the market for playing with. However I have broken countless different models. Most break very easily. The airstick 130 seems to be the most durable in my opinion / exerience.

  5. Feudallordcult says

    I hv played squash for 27years. Yes,prince rackets are indeed brittle. I played with the extender sc, extender, the extender cts followed by ctsII. all were simply wonderful rackets but every piece was so fragile. I recall a friend breaking five extender comp in a month. I subsequently switched allegiance to dunlop but recently went back to prince air stick 130 which I personally think is the best racket of all times. I tried this beast and it generates really serious power owing to the enlarged string bed. Overall, methinks dunlop is killing itself after the 4d series. I dun think I will buy another dunlop unless it’s the shabana ultimate or the gaultier elite.

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