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I recently got a chance to check out PSA Squash TV, the online service that provides high-quality streaming video coverage of professional squash. Thanks to the traffic I get through this Website, the folks at Squash TV were kind enough to provide me with a trial of the service, but I’ve become hooked and now I’m a paying subscriber.

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Squash TV covers all the major events from the men’s professional squash PSA World Tour. Squash TV also covers some of the major events from the women’s WSA World Tour. You can watch matches on and via an iOS app, for iPad and iPhone. I’ve used all three of those options and the quality is excellent on all of them.

The quality of the streaming online broadcast is superb. It is easy to watch the action — I have no problem seeing the ball and all the on-court action very clearly. There are a few different camera angles, so you can see the play in a variety of ways.

The sound quality is also excellent. You can hear noises from the court, like sneakers squeaking and the ball smashing into the wall. You can also pick up ambient noises, such as the crowd reactions.

I really enjoy the match commentary. For each of the men’s matches they have two commentators in the booth calling the action. The banter in the commentary booth is great. The guys covering the PSA are quite funny and all-around entertaining. Their insights into the match and player tactics are quite interesting and help me become a better squash player.

They also cover women’s matches. For some events, such as the US Open starting in 2013, there are female commentators and full coverage like the men. For other tournaments, there are no commentators, and only one camera angle. It seems like Squash TV does its best to broadcast some of the women’s matches for major events that have both men’s and women’s draws, but this is not their main focus. Even with no commentary, I often watch many of the women’s matches. I find I can often learn more watching the women’s matches than I can watching the men.

While the live tournament coverage is a big part of the Squash TV service, it isn’t the only thing. They also have an archive of matches, including recent tournaments of course, but also classic matches going back as far as 1997. And they are continuously adding new matches to the archives. There’s a wealth of amazing squash play available to you on demand as soon as you sign up.

The service isn’t perfect. A couple times, the service has been interrupted due to an Internet outage at the venue. In one case, service was out for 2 hours. This was annoying, especially since I was hooked on watching the matches! In the end they got things back up and running relatively soon. Still, it’s a reminder that this isn’t like watching the World Cup — problems can still crop up.

Another problem with the coverage is that it’s bad for my productivity at work! I’m based in the US, so many matches are on during the mid-day for me. I often leave the coverage open in my browser and check it once in a while. OK, maybe I’m glued to it. Oh well.

I encourage you to check out Squash TV. Even if you don’t subscribe, they have some good highlight videos that are free to view. Might as well check it out and see some great squash!

I definitely recommend Squash TV for all squash enthusiasts. I like it so much that I signed up for their affiliate program, which means if you sign up for the service through any of the links on this page, I’ll get a small commission, which I’ll put towards the upkeep of this site. Thanks for your support!

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    Hi Tony,

    Apologies that you did not receive your code instantly, it is possible that it was blocked by a spam filter. I have now sent it manually to your requested email address so hopefully all will be well. Should you have any issues whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience.

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