PST Cleveland Classic Squash Tournament

Lincou Palmer Cleveland 2012
Photo via PST

Thierry Lincou, recently relocated to the US and playing in his first Pro Squash Tour event, beat Wael El Hindi in 5 games to win the Cleveland Classic.

Looks like Thierry (left) has still got his Tecnifibre Carboflex 140.

Also pictured, David Palmer, who finished 3rd. He’s got a racket called the Black Knight Ion X-Force.

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  • The racquet Thierry is holding is a Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 but it is an updated model. The new model has the Tecnifibre’s new Multiaxial technology and also has a different set of strings now. It now comes with the Tecnifibre 305+ Black 1.20mm strings as opposed to the older model which has the X-ONE BIPHASE 18 stock. Same weight and balance though as the old model so it plays very similar. A little different on contact though due to the different strings and Mutiaxial technology. A great racquet overall!


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