Yonex Squash Shoes

Here are the Yonex squash shoes I’ve feature on this site. Yonex is known more for marketing to the badminton crowd, but their non-marking shoes would be well suited to squash too.

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Yonex SHB 01 MX

Yonex SHB 01 MX post image

Yeah it's the Yonex SHB 01 MX. Just throwing a bone to the fans of Yonex squash shoes still out there. Holla. Image via holabirdsports.com Affiliate Links Here are some affiliate links to buy this product. If you do buy through one of my links, I will get a small commission. Thanks! If you've used [...]


Yonex SHB 86EX Men’s Shoes

Yonex SHB 86EX – Orange

The Yonex SHB 86EX. Hard to pronounce, but smooth to play in.


Yonex SHB-SC2EX Shoes

yonex shb sc2ex badminton shoes

Seriously, Yonex has the worst frigging names for its shoes. SHBSC2EX? Pro tip: be like Asics and name your shoes something meaningless but at least cool-sounding, like say "Asics Gel Game 3”. With that being said, these shoes look pretty tight. And when your buddy sees you on court, you can turn to him all [...]


Yonex SHB F1 LTD Squash Shoes

Yonex SHB F1 LTD Squash Shoes post image

More from the rich vein of Yonex shoes. These are called the Yonex SHB F1 LTD. Their naming conventions are pretty strange, but their shoes look good. Buy (US / Canada): amazon.com


Yonex SHB 102 Ltd Squash Shoes

Yonex SHB 102 Ltd Squash Shoes post image

OK I haven't posted about Yonex before but I noticed these when I was out visiting my folks in Colorado this summer. Yonex usually markets themselves to badminton players but these are court shoes that work for squash too. This is called the Yonex SHB 102 Ltd. Wow what a name. I'm not in love [...]

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Yonex SHB 01 LTD Shoes

Yonex SHB 01 LTD shoes

These are the Yonex SHB 01 LTD shoes, for squash, badminton and other indoor court sports.