Asics Gel Blast 5 Men

The Asics Gel Blast 5 for men. (See also: Asics Gel Blast 5 Women.)

As you can tell by the digits, this is a popular and long-running line of shoes, preceded by – SPOILER ALERT! – the Asics Gel Blast 4.

Here’s a blue and white guy:

Asics Gel Blast 5 - Blue White
Image via

Kristian Frost Olesen was wearing these at the 2013 World Championships:

Kristian Frost Olesen
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s a photo by my friend Chris Smith:

Asics Gel Blast 2013

Chris says these are “well protected where squash players drag their feet” and “supportive but light weight”.

And here’s a pair I saw the other day:

Asics Gel Blast 5

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There’s also this yellow guy, which I dub the bumblebee. Sting.

Asics Gel Blast 5 - Yellow Black
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WHOA – check out this crazy color scheme in green, orange and navy:

Asics Gel Blast 5 - Green Orange Navy
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  1. says

    Green, navy and orange definitely go to together?!?! They are great shoes and Asics does definitely have some crazy colour schemes.

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