Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS 2014 Reviews and Info

Just spotted the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS. Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS
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This is the latest racket in the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate series. It doesn’t look much different from the prior model, the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate 2013, other than the new cosmetics.

Update: I learned from the Dunlop squash rackets 2014 review that this racket has had a slight tweak in that Dunlop have incorporated the GTS technology, which gives the frame a touch more stiffness than before.


Weight: Light (132 grams)
Balance: Head-light
Head Size Large (500 sq. cm)
Previous Models: Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate 2013

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I had a hit with the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate 2012 model, which I think is pretty much the same racket as this. My thought at the time was that it struck the ball nicely, but the head was LONG. See, I’m used to playing with the Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTS 130 , which is similar, just with a smaller head. Anyway, the larger head size on the Ultimate should give you a bit more power.

Update: I got a chance to play with the 2014 model, and it feels a bit different. Watch this video for more info, including how it compares to the Dunlop Elite GTS:

Have you used this racket, or any of the predecessors? If so let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Saurabh says

    I had the Prince sovereign TT before this. Being a skinny guy with less arm strength, I got the pro GTS 2013 so that i could get better control due to the less weight and head light balance. But I find that I need to grip it harder to prevent wobbling, especially while volleying. I guess this one should take care of that issue

  2. says

    In Nederland als eerste weer te koop bij Net als de andere nieuwe 2014-2015 modellen van Dunlop. Alles ruim op voorraad.

  3. Tom says

    Completely agree with Saurabh. I changed from this model for the same reason. I felt I really had to hit the volleys rather than place them with soft touch. But I have now gone back to it as I still love the ultimate series.

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