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Harrow Squash Rackets

Harrow squash rackets are extremely popular with both professional and casual players. I see Harrow rackets all the time around my home courts, and many pros play with this brand.

One unique thing about Harrow is they are into customization. Several pros play with their own “signature” customized frames.

[thumbs url="/harrow-vapor-squash-racket/" anchor="Harrow Vapor" text="Used by Raneem El Weleily, Wee Wern Low, and Latasha Khan."]harrow-vapor-squash-racket-image[/thumbs]

[thumbs url="/harrow-jonathan-power-custom-spark-squash-racquet/" anchor="Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Spark" text="Used by Annie Au, Adrian Grant, and Andrew Wagih."]Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Spark Thumbnail[/thumbs]

[thumbs url="/harrow-custom-vibe-squash-racket/" anchor="Harrow Custom Vibe" text="Used by Karim Abdel Gawad, Chris Simpson, and Jonathan Kemp."]Harrow Custom Vibe Thumbnail[/thumbs][thumbs url="/harrow-wave-squash-racket/" anchor="Harrow Custom Spark, Donna Urquhart Signature, 'The Wave'" text="Ride the Wave."]Harrow Custom Spark, Donna Urquhart Signature, 'The Wave'[/thumbs]
[thumbs url="/kasey-browns-harrow-custom-spark/" anchor="Harrow Custom Spark, Kasey Brown edition" text="That'd be Kasey Brown's racket."]Harrow Custom Spark Kasey Brown[/thumbs][thumbs url="/harrow-renegade-squash-racket/" anchor="Harrow Renagade" text="Harrow Renegade. Rachael Grinham's racket."]harrow-renegade-squash-racket-image[/thumbs]
[thumbs url="/harrow-fury-squash-racket-info/" anchor="Harrow Fury, Natalie Grainger edition" text="Feel the Fury."]harrow-fury-squash-racket-image[/thumbs][thumbs url="/harrow-dread-vapor-squash-racquet/" anchor="Harrow Dread Vapor" text="Bob Marley's racket of choice?"]harrow-dread-vapor-squash-racquet-image[/thumbs]
[thumbs url="/harrow-revere-squash-racket/" anchor="Harrow Revere" text="I had a little racket named Harrow Revere."]Harrow Revere Squash Racket[/thumbs]