Harrow Squash Rackets Roundup

Harrow squash rackets are popular with both pros and amateurs. They offer a few classic frame shapes, with lots of different options in terms of weights, balance points, and cosmetics. Most of their rackets are available in a multiple styles. All Harrow rackets are advertised at the “strung” weight, i.e. quoted including the weight of the strings, which adds about 10 grams. Harrow squash rackets tend to be up there in price.

Harrow Spark

The Harrow Spark weighs in at 135 grams strung, so about 125 grams unstrung. It comes in a few styles. This one is the Jonathon Power signature version, which came out in 2013/2014:

Harrow Spark - Jonathon Power 2014

Previous models:
Harrow Spark (Original)

Harrow Vapor

140 grams, strung. Used by tons of men’s and women’s pros, including world #2 Raneem El Weleily. There are two sweet new styles for 2015, called the Harrow Vapor Misfit.

There’s a blue version:
Harow Vapor Mifsit

And a hot pink version:

Previous versions:
Harrow Vapor [Red / Black]
Harrow Vapor [Original]
Harrow Dread Vapor

Harrow Vibe

This is another Jonathon Power signature model. It weighs in at 140 grams, strung. Chris Simpson and Omar Abdel Meguid have used this racket.

Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power 2013

It also comes in a black version:

Harrow Vibe [Black]

Harrow Stealth

The original Harrow Stealth is used by LJ Anjema. It weighs in at 145 grams strung.

Harrow Stealth Squash Racket

There’s also the Harrow Stealth Camo:
Harrow Stealth Camo

Harrow Stealth Ultralite

This is 140 grams strung, 5 grams lighter than the regular Harrow Stealth. It comes in two cosmetics, the original Stealth Ultralite (which Joshna Chinappa uses):

Harrow Stealth Ultralite

And the Harrow Stealth Ultralite Retro:

Harrow M140

140 grams, dense string pattern of 16 x 19.


Harrow Stellar

145 grams strung. Another dense string pattern, 16 x 19.

Harrow Stellar Squash Racket

Harrow Silk

145 grams strung, teardrop. Marwan El Shorbagy has used this racket. Low Wee Wern play with her own signature version of this racket.

Harrow Silk

Harrow Fury

145 grams strung. The Nathalie Grainger signature racket.


Harrow Rebel

145 grams strung.

Harrow Rebel

Harrow Renegade

145 grams strung. Annie Au and Rachael Grinham both use this racket.

Harrow Renegade Squash Racket

Harrow Bancroft Players Special

150 grams strung.


Harrow Clutch

150 grams strung.

Harrow Clutch

Harrow Blade

155 grams strung, teardrop shape.

Harrow Blade 2014

Harrow Bancroft Executive

160 grams strung.


Harrow Turbo

160 grams strung. This is the final Jonathon Power signature model. This one’s a teardrop shape, and is meant more for beginners / intermediate players.


Harrow Clash

160 grams strung. Under $100.


Harrow Fierce

170 grams strung. Meant for beginners.

Harrow Fierce

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