Head Argon 155 Squash Racket

The Head Argon 155 squash racket is Mohd Azlan Iskandar‘s favorite racquet.

Head Argon 155 Review

Here’s a snip of Iskandar using the racket in November, 2011. He’s actually using the Head Argon2 155.

Racket specs

Name: Head Argon2 155
Colors: White/Black
Manufacturer: Head Squash
Weight: Heavy (155 grams)
Balance: Head-light

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The Head Argon2 is made from Innegra™ fibers. What’s Innegra™, you ask? Well according to the Innegra Website:

In panels made with Innegra S 2800 denier fiber and compressed with an olefin thermoplastic film, Innegra S has proven to be a suitable replacement for up to 75% of the aramid fibers with no loss in performance when tested against a 44 magnum projectile.

Oh never mind, here’s a video of fabric made of Innegra™ stopping a bullet:

If that’s what fabric can do, imagine the potential for your squash racket. If you are in a pinch and a bullet is being fired at you, you may do well to stick your Argon2 in its path. Please consult a doctor before trying this.

They also have this older racket, which was the original Head Argon 155:

Head Argon 155
Image via squashgear.com

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