Huge Head Squash Rackets Roundup

Here’s a HUGE roundup of Head squash rackets, which have been used by Laura Massaro, Nour El Tayeb, and Karim “The Dark Prince” Darwish.

I’ve been working on this post for a while, and of course just when I was getting to the end, Head started coming out with their new 2016 rackets, foiling my plans for the all-time definitive Head squash rackets page on the internets and crushing my dreams for a mic drop.

That said, enjoy this very large post. I will add the new rackets into it as I get to them.

Here are the top-end Head squash rackets for the 2014/2015 season. I’ve also included older rackets where possible. The latest rackets from Head are part of the Head Graphene squash rackets range. Graphene is the new-new thing in pouring carbon into a mold.

Head Xenon 135

Head-heavy, control racket. Current version: Head Graphene Xenon 135. Karim Darwish and Jenny Duncalf have used this; sorry I forgot you earlier, Jenny. Laura Massaro uses the Head Xenon 2.

Head Graphene Xenon 135 Squash Racket

Coming soon:
Head Graphene Xenon Flare 135

Prior versions:
Head YouTek Xenon2 135
Head YouTek Xenon 135
Head Xenon 135 CT

Head Xenon 140

Here’s the Head Graphene Xenon 140. This has a few extra grams of weight, and has a little bit larger head size.

Head Graphene Xenon 140 Squash Racket

Coming soon:
Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Slimbody

Head Xenon 145

The Head Graphene Xenon 145. Same head size as the Head Xenon 135, but heavier:

Head Graphene Xenon 145

Prior models:
Head YouTek Argon2 145

Head Cyano 115

The Head Graphene Cyano. Teardrop-style. Jenny Duncalf also used this one. So did Nour El Tayeb and Line Hansen.

Head Graphene Cyano 115

Coming soon:
Head Graphene XT Cyano 110

Prior versions:
Head YouTek Cyano2 115
Head YouTek Cyano 115
Head 115 CT
Head Microgel 110

As best I can tell, these rackets are all the same frame shape, so I have put them together.

Head Graphene Cyano 135

Another teardrop joint. Joelle King was rocking this one:

Head Graphene Cyano 135

Coming soon:
Head Graphene XT Cyano 135

Previous versions:
Head YouTek Anion2 135
Head YouTek Anion 135
Head 135 CT

Head Cyano 145

Heavier teardrop guy:
Head Cyano 145

Coming soon: Head Ignition 145

Head Neon 130

The Head Graphene Neon 130. I don’t think any pros used this, but I loved it myself, and it’s been a popular racket for club players.

Head Graphene Neon 130 Squash Racket

Previous models:
Head YouTek Neon2 130
Head YouTek Neon 130

Head Neon 150

This one’s the Head Graphene Neon 150. Bit heavier than the Graphene Neon 130. My buddy Jeremy like this one, though it’s too heavy for me:

Head Graphene Neon 150

Previous versions:
Head Cerium 150

Head Innegra Ignition

This puppy is teardrop and 150 grams:

Head Innegra Ignition

Prior versions:
Head Microgel Power Ignition

Head Innegra Eclipse

Teardrop and 155 grams:

Head Innegra Eclipse

Previous versions:
Head Microgel Power Eclipse

Head Innegra Laser

160 grams. Starting to get heavy now, but also less expensive. Also: lasers.

Head Innegra Laser

Prior versions:
Head Microgel Power Laser

Head AFT Blast

Here’s the Head AFT Blast 2.0, 160 grams and sort of a hybrid throat shape between teardrop and conventional:

Head AFT Blast 2.0

Head AFT Flash

170 grams. Head AFT Flash 2.0:

Head AFT Flash 2.0

Prior versions:
Head AFT Xenon Flash

Head AFT Supreme

190 grams. Head AFT Supreme 2.0:

Head AFT Supreme 2.0

Coming soon:
Head AFT Discovery

Previous versions:
Head AFT Supreme XT

Head AFT Cyber

Also 190 grams, but looks like this has a slightly different frame shape, and a more dense string pattern, than the Supreme 2.0. They have a similar balance.

Head AFT Cyber 2.0 Squash Racket

Coming soon: Head Spark Elite

Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0

Super heavy, super cheap.

Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0
Image via

Coming soon: Head Spark Edge

Head Nano Ti Junior

A shorty for the juniors.

Head Nano Ti Junior
Image via

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  1. says

    I missed the Head Ti 110 Stealth ……… (60 pounds at PBS)

    Light – not 4 beginners – snare broke in 5 weeks (4 t.a.w.). With Ashaway Ultra Nick (green) – at 10,5/11,5 kg. marvellous ‘trampoline’ and smashing drives. In other words; I don’t have to work for my 140 km/ph (like I have 2 do with each Dunlop under 120 pounds).
    When questions, then send ‘m.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Thanks John, I forgot about those Head Microgels. I added a link to them under the Head Cyano 115 section. I’m not positive, but I think they’re the same frame.

      • says

        Oeps, u’re so right.

        One thing can be added. The tubing (is that english?) is of less quality at the ends (thin). It shorter (blink-of-an-eye) and needs capture with band.

        With regards,


        Ever played squash in Germany? I didn’t in hotel oppertunities- sticky/dark floors and the lines ……. disappeared …….

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