Hi-Tec S700 4SYS Squash Shoes

These are the Hi-Tec S700 squash shoes, from the Hi-Tec 4SYS line.


I had these shoes a few years ago and was a bit disappointed with the fit. While they were as durable as ever, I did not find them to be as comfortable as previous versions of their shoes. It took several weeks before I really felt like the shoes were broken in and comfortable.

This is why it’s important to take the time to try on squash shoes before you buy them. Even if you have bought a particular brand before, they might change their “formula” and the shoes might not work as well for you. Make sure wherever you buy your squash shoes, they have a good return policy!

Also comes in red, which seems to be the preferred shoe color for Amr Shabana and others:

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