The Best Squash Shoes Review

Welcome to the best squash shoes review on earth. What makes it the best? I post MORE shoes than any other site. Since I'm not actually a store (instead, I link to other stores), I can post everything I find, and I'm not limited to whatever's in stock at the moment.

Below are all men's non-marking indoor men's squash shoes.

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Li-Ning Metal X Squash Shoes

These are called the Li-Ning Metal X.

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Emma Beddoes has been wearing these shoes for a while, but I only just figured out what they are. Here she is at the British Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

I think Li-Ning is a big brand in the badminton market, but they haven’t made much push into the squash scene. At least that’s what I thought, until I realized Emma Beddoes was wearing them the whole time.

Adidas Squash Shoes Roundup (Men)

Adidas squash shoes are one of the more popular brands in the squash world. Many top pros wear Adidas.

Here are the 2015 Adidas squash shoes that are most popular for squash. Adidas also have other models that are appropriate for indoor courts, so I may add to this list in the future.

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11

These are the top-end court shoe from Adidas. Most cushioning, most expensive. Been spotted on Adrian Waller, Peter Barker, and more.

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 Men [Blue Orange]

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 Men [White Blue]

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 - White Green Black

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 Men Blue

Adidas Adipower Stabil 11 Men - Black

Previous models:
Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1

Adidas Court Stabil 11

This is the mid-range model from Adidas. A little less cushioning, a little lighter, and a little less expensive.

Adidas Court Stabil 11 Men - White Green

Adidas Court Stabil 11 Men [Navy Orange]

Adidas Court Stabil 11 Men - Black

Previous models:
Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1

Adidas Essence 11

This is the least expensive shoe in the Adidas range.

Adidas Essence 11 [Navy]

Adidas Essence 11 Men [White Blue]

Adidas Essence 11 Men - White Green

Adidas Essence 11 Men - Black

Adidas Essence 11 Men - Blue

Previous models:
Adidas Essence 10.1

Prince Squash Shoes Roundup

Prince squash shoes have been around for ages. They pioneered the “NFS”, which stands for Natural Foot Shape. I used to use these back in college and liked them, though they look a little weird. One teammate used to call them “sawed-off shotguns” because the toe is kind of flat on these shoes. Anyway the important thing about these shoes is they are good for people with wide feet.

Prince NFS Rally

Prince NFS Rally Squash Shoes

Prince NFS Attack



Prince NFS Assault

Prince NFS Assault

Prince NFS V



Prince NFS Indoor II



Prince NFS Indoor Original