The Best Squash Shoes Review

Welcome to the best squash shoes review on earth. What makes it the best? I post MORE shoes than any other site. Since I'm not actually a store (instead, I link to other stores), I can post everything I find, and I'm not limited to whatever's in stock at the moment.

Below are all men's non-marking indoor men's squash shoes.

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Dunlop Ultimate Tour Squash Shoes

Dunlop Ultimate Tour shoes, new for the 2014-2015 season. Dunlop hasn’t put out too many squash shoes, as far as I know. These look pretty sweet:

Dunlop Ultimate Tour Squash Shoes
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They have dark soles, but are most definitely appropriate court shoes.

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Thanks to Joe Magor for the tip on these way back when. I am finally posting them!

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