Mizuno Squash Shoes Roundup

A roundup of Mizuno squash shoes posted on Squash Source. Mizuno are sometimes labeled as unisex, i.e. for either men or women, but I have tried to separate them into men’s and women shoes. See below for men, see Mizuno Squash Shoes Women for women’s.

Not sure what the differences between all these shoes are, just trying to collect them all in one place.

Mizuno Wave Volcano
Mizuno Wave Bolt
Mizuno Wave Mirage
Mizuno Wave Stealth

Mizuno Wave Volcano

The Mizuno Wave Volcano seem to be new for 2015. It costs around £60.

Mizuno Wave Bolt

The latest model, the Mizuno Wave Bolt 4, runs about £80.

Mizuno Wave Mirage

The Mizuno Wave Mirage, £95, and I think new for 2015.

Mizuno Wave Stealth 3

The Mizuno Wave Stealth 3, which costs about £100.

Prior models:
Mizuno Wave Stealth 2

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