Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racquet Review

A nice scoop from Laurent Cossa: Ramy Ashour has switched (back) to the Prince Airstick 130.

This racket’s a bit old but you can still get it.

Prince Airstick 130 Squash Racket

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So apparently Dunlop has now dropped Ramy Ashour and Amr Shabana from their sponsorship list? Hmm. Amr Shabana is not amused:

Image via Ramy Ashour Facebook Page

Anyway here’s Ramy using the Airstick:

Screenshot via PSA Squash TV

And here’s a clip showing what you can do with the Airstick:

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  1. Bopper says

    The Dunlop website only lists four players as their tour team now – Alison Waters, Greg Gaultier, Nick Matthew and Ong Beng Lee. It appears there might have been a sponsorship rationalisation at Dunlop. Perhaps sponsoring Egyptian players was not translating into sales…

  2. Shane lim says

    Just got this racket today. Slight head heavy but comfortable swing …still using stock string ..will try to change string and give it another try … Will keep u guys updated!

  3. Ben says

    This is my current racket as well as other, I like it but it does take a long time to get use to it, it was my first racket when i started just over 2 years ago, and that broke a while ago but got it a couple of months ago and now love it, got mine strung with Tecnifibre 305+ 1.3 String and now is a great racket with power and control. Get it now when it’s cheap!

  4. says

    I will never use prince again! this racket broke after the slightest nick on the side wall. I broke two of these rackets in one month. I never banged it on the side wall or the floor out of anger, and when it had the slightest contact with the wall it broke. It’s a waste of money and I suggest not ever using prince and stick to Dunlop. They’re racket are more sturdy and have 100x more quality than the newest Prince racket. Dunlop has more advanced technology than Prince. If you plan to play with Prince rackets you will have to be INCREDIBLY careful. It’s worse than a dunlop racket I found in the garbage! don’t be fooled by the fact that all of the top players in the world use it. It’s a crappy racket and the only reason pros use it is because Prince pays them more money. you’ll play good the first day you use it and then all the other days you’ll play like crap. I’m not a hater i just want you guys to have the best quality racket out there. If I had a choice to play with a Prince racket or a stick, I would choose the stick. Plus, Prince racket is as sturdy as a twig. I can’t afford to buy a new racket every week.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Thanks for the feedback. The twig thing had me laughing, but that sucks to have two of them break like that.

  5. Joe Robinson says

    I bought this racket after being recommended it by a squash coach. I’ve probably used it for around 30 games now, and I’ve always felt very indifferent to it. Usually with a racket, after a period of adjustment I bond with it and have strong opinions around its balance, control, feel etc. But I don’t have any of those strong feelings with this racket hence my 3 star, it’s “OK” review.
    It is light, and thus very manoeuvrable, but that’s about all I can compliment it on.
    I think there’s possibly a bit of hype around this racket due to the association with the great Rammy Ashour…

  6. Snelly says

    This is the best Prince racket I have ever used. It is so much more robust than any other that I have owned and has everything you could want: good balance, excellent power and nice touch with great manoeuvrability.

    Highly recommended. Cheap too.

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