Prince EXO3 Pro Tour

Prince EXO3 Pro Tour Squash Racket

This is the new Prince EXO3 Pro Tour squash racket for 2012. I believe it’s currently being used by James Willstrop. See James Willstrop Racket for more info about his latest racket.

Here’s a review of this racket (and also the new Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket) from PDH Sports.

Here are some places to buy the racket. These are affiliate links, so I will get a small commission if you do buy something – thanks!

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EXO3 Tour Squash — 2011

This racket from last year was a change of style for Prince. They are known for having the strings going all the way down through the throat of the racket. This one has more of a “traditional” head shape, except with a weird-looking bar across the bottom.

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  1. Ben says

    Hi everyone, did you know that this racket was specially made for James Willstrop, as it is head heavy in balance, heavier in weight, because James does lots of hold shots, to stop his opponents pace and to slow down the game, also the weight provides more stability, which gives more accurate drops at the back and front of the court, one of James strong suit, and head heavy in balance which gives more power from the back of the court. Also this is strung in prince super synthetic gut string, just like the EX03 Rebel. The best string prince do is The prince rebel squash string, which my coach sometimes uses in his Rebel racket.


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