Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racket Review

Hey, it’s the Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550, new for 2014:

Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550
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This is supposed to be the successor to the Prince Airstick 130, which was Ramy’s 2013 racket. (In 2014, Ramy is promoting the Prince Pro Beast, which is slightly different).


Weight: Light (130 grams)
Balance: Head-heavy (36 cm)
Head Size: Medium (480 sq. cm)
Strings: Prince Lightning 17 red

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Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550 Reviews

Here’s my personal take on this racket.

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  1. Nico Poore says

    I have changed to this racket recently, having changed from the Head Xenon 135 which I started to find a bit limiting in the front court due t it’s head heaviness. I have found that the Prince Pro Airstick Lite has a very light pick up weight, with a hint of weight balanced towards the head. While the racket is great for drives and offers excellent power and control, it is also light and maneuverable enough for deceptive front court play and accurate drop shots. The factory string is decent enough, but I will no doubt thread in either Ashaway Ultranick 18 (Blue) or Tecnifibre 305 17 when it’s done it’s dash. All in all this is a great racket which offers all the power and control my old Xenon 135s, but with significantly more maneuverability and is much kinder on the wrist, especially when flicking out backhand shots from the back corner. Highly recommended !!

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