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Prince Squash Shoes

Here are all the Prince Squash Shoes that have been profiled on Squash Source. I used to play with Prince shoes when I was in college, though I haven’t tried them in a number of years.

Prince NFS Rally Squash Shoes

Prince NFS Rally Squash Shoes post image

Nice orange and black style.


Prince NFS V Squash Shoes

Prince NFS V

This is the latest in a long and distinguished line of shoes extending in an unbroken reign of comfort and durability, from the original NFS to the NFS Indoor II, on through to these Prince NFS Indoor V. Black and white with royal blue touches: Buy (US): holabirdsports.com amazon.com Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk     Black [...]

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Prince MV4 Squash Shoes

Prince MV4 Indoor Squash Shoes

This is the Prince MV4 Squash Shoe. It comes with Precision Tube TechnologyTM, which I assume means it comes pre-wired for Internet access. Buy (US): amazon.com holabirdsports.com Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk Filed under: Squash Shoes > Prince Squash Shoes

Prince NFS Indoor II Squash Shoes post image

I used to wear these Prince NFS shoes back in college. This line is still going strong apparently. They still come in the classic blue like you see above. At the moment they're available in the US on Amazon, but they seem to have only a few sizes left in stock: Buy (US): amazon.com   [...]

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Prince Renegade Squash Shoes

Prince Renegade Squash Shoes post image

Here are the Prince Renegade squash shoes. I've only seen the all-black one above available in the UK. Affiliate Links amazon.co.uk pdhsports.com   Over in the States they have this blue guy, called the Renegade LS: amazon.com holabirdsports.com   There's another shoe that looks pretty cool called the Prince Renegade 2 LS. This is marketed [...]