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Adidas Stabil Optifit Indoor Court Shoes

The Adidas Optifit Stabil squash shoes are quite popular on the men’s professional squash tour. They’ve been used by top-10 players Gregory Gaultier, James Willstrop and Peter Barker, as well as other players. They’re part of the Adidas Stabil line of shoes.

Adidas Stabil Optifit 2012

It looks like Peter Barker plays with this pair (source):

Adidas Mens Stabil Optifit Indoor Shoes

This Optifit “sharp blue” style is worn by Jonathan Kemp:

Adidas Optifit Squash 2011

I’ve seen James Willstrop wear this exact pair in blue / silver (source):

And Gregory Gaultier seems to favor the white / silver / green pair:

Buy (NZ): thumpsports.co.nz

There’s also this red guy:

Buy (US / Canada): squashunlimited.com

Buy (NZ): thumpsports.co.nz

And there’s even this crazy one, which is called the Adidas Stabil Optifit DHB, and is only worn by squash elves:

Here’s another I found called the Adidas Stabil Optifit FFH, apparently designed in the colors of the French flag:

While these shoes are mostly “out of print”, you can try your luck on eBay to see if there are any styles still available:

Squash players go through many pairs of shoes during the year, so if you look at pictures/videos of players you might see them wearing a different style (though they usually stick with one brand, especially if they are sponsored by that company).

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  • Nelly Madueño December 14, 2012, 7:21 am

    Buenos Dias soy de Gral.Roca ,Rio Negro ( Argentina)quería consultar q modelo de Adidas para handball tendrán en Num 37/2 o 38 q seria un 5.5 o 6.Desde ya agradezco su atención y espero su respuesta a la brevedad.

    • Pierre December 14, 2012, 9:54 am

      Hi Nelly, I’m sorry but my Spanish isn’t good enough… I’m not sure what you are asking…

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