Asics Gel Blade 4 Shoes

Here’s the Asics Gel Blade 4, the successor to the muy popular Gel Blade 3.

New one in Black and Yellow:

Asics Gel Blade 4 Black YellowImage via

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Sort of a conservative style but this is a nice red, white and blue color scheme here:

Asics Gel Blade 4 - White Red Blue
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Here’s another one in blue. I first saw these back in February thanks to a tip from Michał Porębski. and it looks like they are finally hitting the market.

Asics Gel Blade 4 - Top

Asics Gel Blade 4 - Blue Yellow

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  • I just bought the blue one a few weeks ago and I like it! My friend recommended it to me, it’s neither too heavy nor too light and it gives a great balance.

    Thank you for all you posts especially the ones indicating the types and brands of rackets used by the pros…

    Keep up the great work, Pierre…! I’m from Malaysia btw and I studied in the States before…

    • Hey Ammar thanks for giving feedback on these shoes! I still haven’t seen the blue ones for sale at any of my usual stores, but it’s cool they are out in the world now.

  • Hey Pierre,

    I had the blue set since July. I ordered through a local pro at a club in Wash DC. But I pre-ordered in January. I can attest to the lightness of the shoe. They’re lighter than my Gel Blast 3s which I favor a tad more.

    • Thanks Bill! You favor the 4 or the 3?

  • I still like my Gel Blast 3 more.


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