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Harrow Spark Squash Racquet

Here’s the Harrow Spark squash racket that both Adrian Grant and Latasha Khan have been playing with.

Harrow Jonathon Power Custom Spark Thumbnail

So I gather under the direction of Jonathon Power, they took the Harrow Vapor and shaved off a few grams of weight to create the Spark. They say it’s 135 grams and that’s including the weight of the strings so yeah it’s pretty light. (It’s 120 grams unstrung.)

If you buy this racket, what happens is Jonathon Power gets an alert. He immediately goes downstairs to his squash lair, and takes a brand new Vapor out of the wrapper. He slowly, methodically whittles off parts of the racquet until it is the perfect weight and he cannot remove a single ounce more. Then, in one fluid motion, he hand-paints his signature onto the frame. He then places the racket onto a special pillow made of old bandanas used during competition play. He lights a candle, and then sprinkles onto the racket some rubber that he has previously shaved off a squash ball using a microplane. And then, he ships the racket to you.

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Here’s Adrian Grant with his Harrow Spark:

Image via SquashSite

Harrow Spark Kasey Brown Signature

Also just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Kasey Brown’s Harrow Custom Spark, which I have to say looks pretty cool.

Harrow Custom Spark Kasey Brown

Here’s Kasey at the 2012 US Open:

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Donna Urquhart “The Wave” Harrow Custom Spark

Photo from from Donna’s Twitter feed

Check out this picture of Donna Urquhart’s signature racket, The Wave, which is a custom paintjob of the Harrow Spark. The racket is styled with waves, after Donna’s love of surfing:

Thanks to a reader named Bopper for spotting this photo on Twitter, and another reader named D for the tip that this custom racket is based off the Harrow Spark frame.

As luck would have it, I actually got a glimpse of the genuine article in my league match earlier this week. Someone on the opposing team was actually playing with The Wave! He said he really liked the feel of it and since he’s sponsored by Harrow he was able to get a few for himself.

Here’s the product photo:

And here’s Donna:
Photo of Donna via SquashSite’s Facebook page

Anyhow, you can pick up this racket directly from Harrow’s Website.

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  • D March 23, 2013, 9:04 pm

    Well, I have two of these, despite reviews online stating how fragile Harrow racquets can be. Just broke one frame beneath the bumper about 5 weeks after I bought it.

    I definitely don’t bang anything on the wall, aside from side swiping on tight lengths. It’s too bad, it’s a great racquet. We’ll see how the second one holds up.


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