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Oliver Xelon 9 Squash Racket

Oliver Xelon 9 Squash Racket

Here's a new Oliver Squash Racket called the Xelon 9. Photo Credit: Squash Unlimited Buy (US / Canada): squashunlimited.com Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk Apparently this guy is pretty light, weighing in at 110 grams, with an even balance. I first saw this racket in a recent photo of Shahier Razik at the Cambridge Cup. (Thanks to [...]


Oliver Apex RS7 Squash Racket

Oliver Apex RS 7 racket

Well I've moved to a new house here in Philadelphia (a few blocks from my old one) and I'm going to start filling in the blanks from my 2012 US Open equipment roundup. First up is the Oliver Apex RS 7, which Simon Rosner plays with. It comes in two flavors. One is the "Simon [...]