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Oliver Pure 2 Review

This one’s called the Oliver Pure 2 squash racket.

Oliver Pure 2
Image via controlthet.com

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Oliver Pure 2 Reviews

This puppy is only 105 grams. Sounds like it would be too light, right? But I had a hit with it the other day when a fellow named Edward, who was visiting my local club, let me have a quick hit with his. And the thing is it doesn’t feel too light at all. I remember the racket as having an even balance, and it was like all the weight was in the head and the grip, leaving nothing in the middle. Anyway, it was nice to hit with.

And the racket looks cool:

Oliver Pure 2 Review

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Oliver Xelon 9 Squash Racket

Here’s a new Oliver Squash Racket called the Xelon 9.

Oliver Xelon 9 Squash Racket
Photo Credit: Squash Unlimited

Buy (US / Canada): squashunlimited.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Apparently this guy is pretty light, weighing in at 110 grams, with an even balance.

I first saw this racket in a recent photo of Shahier Razik at the Cambridge Cup. (Thanks to D for the tip.)

Via SiteSquash
Photo Credit: SiteSquash

This explains why Razik (in white) came out with this odd-looking black racket at the 2013 TOC:

By SquashPics.com via SquashSite Photo Credit: SquashPics.com via SquashSite

You can make out that Razik just painted his old Head Xenon 135 black and altered the Head stencil into something approaching the O-shaped Oliver stencil.

Oliver Apex RS7 Squash Racket

Well I’ve moved to a new house here in Philadelphia (a few blocks from my old one) and I’m going to start filling in the blanks from my 2012 US Open equipment roundup. First up is the Oliver Apex RS 7, which Simon Rosner plays with.

Oliver Apex 7 Squash Racket

It comes in two flavors. One is the “Simon Rosner Edition”, which you see pictured above. This is, as you might guess, the one Simon plays with.

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk


There is also the regular Apex RS7, which looks like this:

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Buy (Germany): amazon.de

Buy (France): amazon.fr

Technically this is called the RS 7.1. I guess they name their rackets like they’re software releases. Which come to think of it is probably what I would do too, if I owned a racket company.

Anyway this guy is pretty light, 115 grams, and is slightly head-heavy, according to Oliver’s Website. This is actually my first time posting about Oliver Squash Rackets. Looks like they are a German company, so it makes sense they’ve collaborated with the talented Herr Rosner. His first name is Simon but the guys on Squash TV pronounce it “SEE-mon”. I’m sure it’s not ideal to learn your German from the guys on Squash TV but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Here’s Simon with (a previous version of) his Oliver Squash Racket: