Salming Race R1 and Salming Race R1 2.0

Here are all the Salming Race R1 shoes I know of.

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Here’s the newest version, the Salming Race R1 2.0:

Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes
Image via

They have their own trailer:

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Here is one in purple and bright green. I think these came out in 2014.

Salming Race R1 2.0 Men - Purple
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And now we have one in Blue and Yellow:

Salming Race R1 2.0 Blue
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Here’s the original Salming Race R1, in blue:

Salming Race R1 - Blue
Photo via Salming Squash

I recently bought a pair of these and took a quick video of them:

The shoes also have their own trailer, which is pretty righteous:

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Here is another model in orange from earlier in 2013. The official product photo:

Salming Race R1 Squash Shoes
Photo via Salming Squash

And here’s a nice photo by Jordan Mansfield:

Salming Race R1 Review

Adrian Grant wore these in the 2013 HK Open recently:

Adrian Grant
Photo by Steve Cubbins

The orange guys aren’t available at any of my usual affiliates but you can find them at,,, and


I have a pair of the original Race R1s and I love ‘em. Awesome design, very comfortable, and they have held up very well. My only problem with them has been that they are, honestly, the stinkiest pair of squash shoes I have ever owned. I don’t feel like the shoes get particularly hot or anything (they’re very breathable) so I don’t know why that happens. I got some of those sneaker balls to reduce the odor a bit, and that works.

Jeff at Control the T said these were “very comfortable” and “very light”.

Here’s a video review from Paul at PDH Sports:


  1. Andy Metcalf says

    Need help… I can the ‘orange’ ones in the uk but I actually really want the ‘black’ or ‘blue’ ones. Can anyone help? Email me the link/shop… THANKS IN ADVANCE

  2. Raul Airon says

    I’m not sure if this is the right place but I’m facing an issue with salming court shoe sizes.
    I bought a Salming XLite, Size EUR 42.5 (same as UK8 or US 9 having a Footbed Length of 27CM). But this show is lose for me. It has a lot of space at the front part for my toe.
    To paint a better picture I have a space of 1Cm from the tip of my toe to the inner front end of the shoe. This according to me is a lot of space (should not be more than 0.5CM).
    And all my shoes that fit me right are of the same 27CM length, no matter what EUR size I take (Including Hi-Tec Infinity Flare).
    Now If I had gone for a size of EUR 42 / 26.5 CM for Salming Xlite shoe, I’m not sure but, it might be tight along the width of the shoe.
    Now I want to go for salming Race and I’m very confused about the size. To go for Size EUR 42.5 / 27CM or EUR 42 / 26.5CM for Race.
    Since this is a Online purchase order I cannot try these out actually.
    It would also be helpful to receive the sizing chart for Salming Race & Xlite shoes with both relative length of the footbed and the width of the shoe with respect to it EUR sizes.

    Please help.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Raul, sorry, I’m not too sure about the sizing. I will see if I can find someone who can help you with this, but not sure.

    • Mitch Guthman says

      A couple of the retailers have a notice saying that Salming shoes are toughly ½ size larger than equivalently sized Hi Tec shoes. I’m very interested in this shoe. I spoke with several people wearing that brand this weekend. They all thought Salming was a great shoe but cautioned me to make sure to try them on before buying.

      That’s unfortunate because there are apparently no stores carrying
      Salming in either London or Los Angeles, which are the two places where I usually am.

      I suggest that you return the shoes and either get your money back or a smaller size.

  3. says

    Hey guys,
    We are the North American distributor for Salming Squash. If you are in the US, Canada or Mexico and you have questions about the shoes you may contact us toll free at 1-855-FLR-BAL1. We have a store locator on our website that lists all authorized North American dealers.
    Thank you!

  4. Tony says

    There is a difference between R1 2.0 and R2. The tongue on the R1 2.0 is attached to the footbed with a mesh as the R2 have a free-floating tongue. I have had my R1 2.0 for about 5 months and enjoyed putting them on each time (4-5 x a week). They just recently tore on the outside where the toe box attaches on the 4th/5th toe. They still hold the foot perfectly in place. When you get a super light weight shoe, expect them not to be as durable. I am still ordering another pair.

  5. Geoff says

    For anybody downunder, I’ve finally found a stockist in Australia. Floorball Culture in Western Australia at
    I’ve never even heard of floorball but it seems they’re mad for Salming gear. Probably a bit expensive if you’re not 100% sure about the sizing as others have stated above.

  6. K says

    Hi Pierre, could you possibly find out about the Salming Race R3 shoes in detail? They look almost exactly like the R1s, with just different branding. They’re meant for juniors and only go up to size 7 US, whereas the regular R1s only go down to size 7.5 US. But I have tiny feet (7 US) and want to try Salming, so I’d like to have a general idea of how these are.

  7. Jamie says

    Well I’ve owned a pair of the R1 2.0 for about 5 months. I play 1-2 a week at a ‘B’ level. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The downside, the comfort comes at cost. They break down really easily. I’ve blown through a pair already. For the fleet footed out there, I doubt you’ll have an issue. For the stomping beasts like myself, prepare to replace once a season. Your call.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      I think the Salmings are a little wider. I am normally 11.5 US and have been wearing an 11.5 US Salming and the fit is great, very comfortable. It’s been a while since I wore Asics but I remember them feeling a little narrower. Some readers have recommended going down a half size though.

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