Salming Race R2 (Men)

Here’s the Salming Race R2 2.0 in red and green. Another cool style from Salming.

Salming Race R2 2.0 Men - Red
Image via

The naming convention is kind of weird here. We already had the Salming Race R1 and its successor, the Salming Race R1 2.0. Now this shoe here is named the Salming Race R2 2.0. But it looks pretty much the same as the Race R1 2.0. I don’t get it.

Update: Tony commented as follows:

There is a difference between R1 2.0 and R2. The tongue on the R1 2.0 is attached to the footbed with a mesh as the R2 have a free-floating tongue.

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Salming Race R2 (Original)

Ah, here’s the original “1.0” version:

Salming Race R2 - Black Green
Image via tennis-warehouse


  1. Snelly says

    Loads of people at my club have these shoes including our attached professional. Everyone says the same thing – they are the comfiest squash shoes they have ever had but they last weeks, not months.

    Great for a month then they just wear out. No longevity but maximum comfort.

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