Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racket

It’s the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125, a hugely popular racket.

Note: this racket has been succeeded by the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Squash Racket

Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (125 grams)
Balance: Head-light (35 cm)

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Mohamed El Shorbagy uses Tecnifibre squash rackets and at the moment (in 2014) he is playing with this Carboflex 125 “Basaltex” model.

Here is El Shorbagy using the racket in the 2012 El Gouna Open:

(Photo via El Gouna site)

Here’s also a video of El Shorbagy testing out the racket when it first came out:

Nour El Sherbini also uses this. Here she is with the Carboflex 125 at the 2014 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Miguel Angel Rodriguez at the 2014 British Open:

Miguel Angel Rodriguez 2014 British Open
Photo by SquashPics.com

Nicolette Fernandes at the 2014 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Max Lee at the 2014 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Ben Coleman at the 2015 British Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Victoria Lust at the 2015 British Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

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  1. shane says

    Hi anyone been using this racket? i went to a shop and try to have a swing the feel is not as comfortable as Prince airstick 130 by Ramy. Still considering airstick 130 ,graphene 115 or carboflex 125.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      I’ve never had a chance to try out the 125. I am currently playing with the 130 and love it. It’s a touch racket but has a solid feel all around. I’ve also had a hit with the Graphene 130 and loved it too. I’ve never felt comfortable with those Airstick-style Prince rackets where the string wraps around.

    • Ahsan says

      Its a great racket as recently played a tournament with it.Light with right balance.Punch along with control is great.I have used zero Gel, Hammer series etc but I think it is a great addition .Not sure on the durability though as Dunlop Zero Gel took a lot of torture especially in rallies you are trying to retrieve every single ball.

  2. shane says

    Thanks Pierre! I got shoulder injuries that why looking for lighter racket. And hope that racket will absorb more vibration before it injured my shoulder again . Playing like old man at the age of 29 . Thanks for your advise!

  3. says

    Hi i am currently using the Airstick 130, used the carboflex 125 and the graphene 115. I think the primary difference in selection for these rackets is your playing style! 115 is great but numb at the front of court, carboflex needs an awful lot of accuracy to use and frankly i found out how poor i am at hitting a shot from the same spot on my racket … the airstick 130 is forgiving and yet has let me improve my game over just 4 months !!! but hands down i am aiming to use the carboflex once again once i feel i have more accuracy in my shot, the racket feels like a sword ready to slice and dice on the court.

  4. Ben says

    Hi Pierre, Paul from PDHsports done a review on the three carboflex rackets and he found the 125 to be most powerful but if you look closely it is also the least accurate, but he found the 130 and 140, to have the same power, he also says they have lots of control, whilst being a power racket. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynHDG0yuCdA
    Also Paul has done a power test on the ‘power’ range of rackets. Here is the link.

  5. Sophie says

    Hello on the market for a new squash racket. I am currently using a HEAD stream microgel 150 gm and 335 balance. I am debating between the tecnifibre carboflex 125 or the Head graphene 135. The racket I have is great for power but a little heavy for me. I want something powerful but with good control too.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Sophie, I’m not sure which would be best! I am going to start a new feature on my blog called “ask the readers” and I will pose your question to everybody and see what they think. Best

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Sophie, sorry I wasn’t able to give you any advice on this yet. Did you already buy a new racket, or are you still considering what to purchase?

      • Sophie says

        No worries, No I am still debating between the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 and the HEAD Graphene Cyano 135. Thanks for your input.

  6. Benoit says

    I am back from a tennis elbow and I needed a lighter racket. I used to play with the Blacknight C2C black. I decided to try the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 and I am very glad I did. This racket is amazing, very light without losing any power and so easy to volley with it.
    The only thing I had to do, is to change the string on it. (supernick 18 at 25 lbs)
    and it made a huge difference.

    By far the best racket I have used so far.

  7. Sudhir says

    This is the best racquet i have till date. Got great pop and its flex accentuates your swing speed, it can grant the ball some serious velocity, no learning curve, unlike some reviews i found it to be bang bang from the word go. Least vibrations of all the 125 grams and below raquets. Never felt any as light as stable, vibration free and at the same time great feel and explosive power from front and rear court. Spot on on volleys, huge improvement on Prince Airstick 130 i have. Airstick feels puny on power as compared to this beast.

  8. Dean says

    Juniors as well – my son (11) playing at club and regional level had been using the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex for the last 9 months.

    Three weeks ago he switched to the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125. during that time his volleying ability has improved at a real pace and his general power and touch has shown improvement as well. I realise its not only the racket but its definitely benefitting him, the best racket he’s used so far.

  9. Brian says

    I have played a few games with this racquet so far and I am thoroughly impressed. The best phrase to describe this racquet is; As light as a feather but can sting like a bee. This is not only because of its yellow and black colour scheme but because of the lightness of the frame combined with those fabulous tecnifibre 305+ strings.

    The frame is stiff with a nice thin shaft that feels very comfortable in the hand. What I would say is that I echo what others have said about the sweet spot. When you hit that sweet spot you know about it, the same is said about if you don’t. Although there is little vibration when you are off the sweet spot the ball will definitely not go where you wanted it to go. Hit that sweet spot on the volleys and the drives and you will feel the power of this racquet. I found that I was hitting the nick more consistently as soon I had figured out where that sweet spot was. For the up court shots you can just let the ball come off those strings as long as you have it aligned on the sweet spot, if you want to be sure then a soft tap will help the ball on its way. Saying this I have discovered that using your wrist more in taking shots really helps produce a lot of power whilst using this racquet. If I did this with my previous racquet it would not have the same effect as it is slightly head heavier and harder to power through only using minimal arm movement. Perhaps this is just me but it definitely has made a difference.

    The ball pings of those Tecnifibre 305+ strings like nothing else. The ball doesn’t come off like the racquet is a trampoline but rather a tight piece of tarpaulin stretched out. The strings are tight and the ball just comes off them with the minimum of flex. This is why it is a racquet suited so well to the fast paced game style, once that ball has come off the racquet you are almost instantly ready to get back into position to take the next shot.

    If there was one down side it would be the grip. It came with the Absolute Squash Grip and was very sticky for the first few minutes of play but when I got into playing and my hands became a little sweaty the grip lost this stickiness and actually became very shiny. As we all know shiny things are never that easy to hold so this disappointed me slightly. I will try the Tecnifibre Dry Grip and I hope this is a better product. If not I will revert back to the trusty Karakal.

    I am very impressed with the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 and I would suggest that anyone tries it out if they are wanting play a more aggressive game. The racquet that can hit the ball to the back of the court from the T whilst being able to play the sharpest of balls up the court. Over all a great all-rounder but I would change that grip!

  10. Dianne says

    Just bought one of these and had my first hit with it tonight. To be honest I’m slightly perplexed by it – I had a knock with someone elses first about a week ago and was amazed by how the ball just popped off it, it generated fantastic power. The one I bought feels totally different though – very stiff and wooden almost with a lot of vibration through it, but (in complete contrast to an earlier commenter) an absolute demon on the drop shots. I’m not entirely unhappy with it – I’ll get used to it I’m sure – but it’s so not what I expected from that previous hit and from what I’ve read on places like here that, if I could, I would probably send it back for a replacement to see if it’s different (I don’t think “it doesn’t feel right” is a valid excuse to send it back though)! Maybe the one I played with last week had been restrung or something and I didn’t notice but definitely not getting the ease of power out of it that I was hoping for. On another note, definitely going to throw a new grip on it, would like something a bit softer in the hand. Thanks for the reviews!

    • Jason says

      The tension on the racket you tried was for sure lower than the brand new one you bought. That would be where you felt the difference.

    • Nektarios Katikas says

      I have the Carbonflex 130 and my first feeling when i first bought the racket was exactly what you said. Disappointing. The racket you first tried was either restrung or was played a few times. In general the 305+ string is a bit difficult to get used to but it has immense power. So i would propose that you play it for a few months, then you will see the power dropping suddenly and it would mean its time to restring. Either use the Green (305) string for a better feel or give the 305+ another chance at 26 lbs. I think this could work for you.

  11. michel goulche says

    Coppinger switch to a MAXED racket don’t know where that is from ( South Africa ? ) but the cosmetic is very similar of the carbo125.

  12. Raja says

    guys i m looking forward to buy a new racket .. i have technifer carboflex 125, prince powerbite 750 and prince airstick 550 availabe in my budget .. so which one is better amongst these 3…

    • michel goulche says

      The best thing will be to try them and then make your choice. I can only tell you that the carboflex 125 is the best racket i had so far.
      Also i dont know about the prince but the tecnifibre are very durable and come strung with one of the the best string out there…But every player has his own favorite.

        • michel goulche says

          This racket is very powerful, look at the test made by pdh sport shop a while ago.
          Also very good touch and ball control. You have to know its a head light racket but it does not affect the power, and that give more manoeuvrability .
          This racket change my game, and i have more and more pleasure to play with.

  13. raja says

    hi there .. i m buying technifiber carboflex 125 from a nearby store.. but the racket is having the red x one biphase strings strug to it .. so has anyone tried these biphase strings ? and how are these atrings compared to 305+

    • michel goulche says

      i’ve try those a while ago, they have a lot of power and a fair amont of touch and control.
      Supposed to be there high end squash string. But very sensitive to breakage….
      I stay with the 305 + because more confortable since i have shoulder problem.

      If you have the chance, try the racket before buying it. It’s a used racket ?

      • raja says

        thanks for ur valuable suggestion … no its a new racket.. the shopkeeper is saying that now technifiber 125 is coming with thz factory strug biphase red string … is there red colour available on 305+ strings as well ?

        • michel goulche says

          no, they’re not.
          125 or 125S are strung with 305+.
          Only the old 130 ( white with black tribal design ) were strung with X-one biphase.

  14. Salman says

    I recently got this racket after using the Wilson hyper hammer for about a year and a half. I’ve played a fair few games and thought I’d share my first impressions. The weight of the racket is one of the best things about it. It lets you put the ball to the back of the court with no problems. However, this may just be a personal issue but I’ve had some difficulty with actually hitting the ball in the sweet spot. Even with time and a good position I seem to scuff the shot sometimes and this is something I never had with the Wilson. I’m not sure why this is but hopefully I will adjust over time as it was a costly racket. When you do hit the sweet spot, the racket is incredibly powerful and accompanied with the lightness you can really hammer the ball with every shot you play.

  15. Alex says

    Hi guys. I’m looking to buy a new racket, so thought I might ask for some suggestions.

    I currently play with a Carboflex 140 and I like to play a fast, attacking game. I’m looking to change my racket for one of the new Carboflexes, so any suggestions yet what I should go for? I’m open to change in the weight for a lighter feel

    • Ole says

      Carboflex 125 yellow/black 2013-14 probably best buy now.
      Carboflex 125S red/black new 2015 probably good, but probably most expensive racket on market.

      Supposed to play the same, mostly cosmetic.

      I have the old yellow, so does quit a few elite players, it is very good in two ways; it does not break so easily, and when using it Im thinking the rest of the work has to be done by myself and hard work not shopping, by technical improving, swing, timing etc.

      You can’t go wrong with any of these two!

  16. Ole says

    Carboflex 125 yellow/black 2013-14 probably best buy now.
    Carboflex 125S red/black new 2015 probably good, but probably most expensive racket on market.

    Supposed to play identical, mostly cosmetic.

    I have the old yellow, so does quit a few elite players, it is very good in two ways; it does not break so easily, and when using it Im thinking the rest of the work has to be done by myself and hard work not shopping, by technical improving, swing, timing etc.

    You can’t go wrong with any of these two!


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