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Squash Equipment List

You’ll need to pick up a few pieces of squash equipment before you can play. Here are the essential items you want:

In addition, you may want to pick up some other items including:

  • Squash Bag – something to hold all your newfound squash gear
  • Squash Grips – an overgrip for your racquet handle to absorb sweat or increase the size of your grip
  • Wristbands – to keep sweat off your hands and racquet
  • Headbands – to keep sweat and hair out of your eyes and off your goggles
  • Clothing – to look the part on court
  • Replacement Strings – for when your original strings break

If your club has a pro shop, that’s an excellent place to purchase equipment because you can try things out before buying them. You want to make sure whatever you buy feels comfortable — your racquet should feel good in your hand, and your shoes should feel good on your feet. A dizzying array of brands and options are available to you, and the simplest way to choose between them is to try things out in person first.

If you don’t have a local pro shop or sports store nearby, ask other players what equipment they use. Try out your friends’ racquets and see how they feel on court. Then search the Internet for an online squash shop carrying your preferred gear.