Karakal Squash Rackets

Here’s a Karakal squash rackets rundown. This is their 2014 – 2015 range. I have never tried Karakal squash rackets myself, but I was able to cull this info from their 2014 catalog.

First you have the “S” series of rackets, the Karakal SN-90, Karakal SX-100, and Karakal ST-110. They’re all teardrop-shaped, with a fan stringing pattern, and a small head size (455 sq. cm.). As an example, here’s the SN 90, which Karakal by the way says is the lightest squash racket in the world:

Karakal SN 90

Next we have the Karakal TEC Series, which includes the Karakal TEC-Gel 120 (Cameron Pilley’s racket), Karakal TEC-Lite 130, and Karakal TEC-Tour 140. These have a conventional head shape:

Karakal Tec Tour 140

After that you have the XL TEC series, which includes the Karakal XL-TEC 125, Karakal XL-TEC 140, and Karakal XL-TEC 150. These are also teardrop-shaped but have a regular stringing pattern and a medium head size (480 sq. cm.). Here’s an example, the XL-TEC 125:

Karakal XL-TEC 125

And finally there’s the Karakal V Series, including the Karakal V-Ti 125, Karakal V-GT 135 and Karakal V-GR 150. These are also teardrop and medium head size (480 sq. cm.). Honestly I’m not sure how these are different from the XL TEC series.

Karakal V-GR 150 Squash Racket

That’s it for now, may add some more to this over time.

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