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Prince Squash Rackets

Prince squash rackets are one of the most popular on the pro squash tours. They’re used by world #1 James Willstrop on the men’s side and by the legendary world #1 Nicol David on the women’s circuit.

Prince squash rackets are known for the pioneering “teardrop” shape, where the strings extend all the way through the throat of the racket. Other manufacturers have subsequently used this teardrop design, and Prince also has rackets in their product lineup with the conventional shape, but the teardrop nevertheless remains a signature for Prince.

Here’s Nicol David using the racket in the 2011 ATCO World Series Finals against Madeline Perry:

Here are some of the rackets in the Prince product lineup:

Prince TT Sovereign squash racket

The Prince TT Sovereign squash racket and its relatives.

Prince Airstick Elite 140 Squash Racket

The racket that can't decide whether it's elite or not.

Prince Pro Black Speedport 850 Squash Racket

The latest version in Prince's Speedport Black range.

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racket

Probably Nicol David's next racket.

Spotted: Prince Pro Beast 750 Squash Racket post image

Possibly Ramy Ashour's new racket.

Prince O3 Speedport Black Special Edition Squash Racket

Here are the Prince O3 Speedport Black and Prince O3 Speedport Black Special Edition squash rackets.


Prince EXO3 145 Squash Racket

Prince EXO3 145 Squash Racket

The elusive Prince EXO3 145.

Prince Airstick 130 Review

It's Ramy's racket, so there's that.


Prince O3 Black Squash Racket

Prince O3 Black Squash Racket Review

This Prince O3 Black is an older model but James Willstrop has been using this recently, including at the 2012 US Open. Nick from smartracquet.co.uk wrote in to say that James has been having problems with breakages on his latest racquet, the Prince EXO3 Tour, so he’s reverted back to this Prince O3 Black temporarily. [...]

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Prince O3 Speedport Silver Squash Racket post image

Here's the 'ol Prince O3 Speedport Silver, which is silver and black. Buy (US): amazon.com Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk Buy (India): esportsbuy.com Don't get this confused with the Prince O3 Black, which is actually silver. Just sayin', SOME people might find that confusing. But not me. Here's James Willstrop at the US Open, playing with a [...]

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Prince EXO3 Ignite Squash Racket post image

This racket is a bit heavier than the Prince EXO3 Rebel that many pros use. This makes the racket a bit sturdier and more appropriate for everyday play. Racket Specs Colors: Red and black Manufacturer: Prince Squash Weight: Medium (145 grams) Balance: Head-heavy (36.5cm) Prince’s description: "Classic player frame with more weight for extra stability. [...]

Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket 2012

The Prince Rebel Squash Racket is used by several top pros, including world #1 Nicol David on the women's pro tour as well as Tarek Momen, Max Lee and Saurav Ghosal on the men's tour. This racket is 135 grams so pretty light, and it has a head-heavy balance point (37.5cm). Note (as of March 2014): [...]


Prince EXO3 Tour Squash Racket

This is the new Prince EXO3 "Pro Tour" squash racket for 2012. I believe it's currently being used by James Willstrop. See James Willstrop Racket for more info about his latest racket. Here's a review of the EXO3 Tour (and the new Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket) from PDH Sports. Here are some places to [...]


Prince O3 Tour Squash Racket

Prince O3 Tour Squash Racket post image

An older model that's not readily available anymore.