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My goal is to make this the best squash rackets review page on the planet. How? I post more products than anyone else. Since Squash Source is not really a store (though I do link to stores) I'm able to post ALL the rackets I come across, regardless of where they're sold.

Black Knight Squash Rackets Roundup

Here are the Black Knight squash rackets from the 2014 / 2015 season. I think Black Knight originated in Canada and is very popular there. Canadians Sam Cornett and Shawn Delierre play with Black Knight. It’s also starting to make inroads overseas; for example French player Mathieu Castagnet plays with Black Knight squash rackets. And of course, former world #1 David Palmer played with Black Knight.

One cool thing about Black Knight squash rackets is they often come strung with high-end Ashaway strings.

Black Knight Ion Element PSX

This is 135 grams and head-light. There’s also a Daryl Selby Signature Ion Element PSX. PowerNick 19 strings.

Black Knight Ion Element PSX

Black Knight Ion Storm XT

Also 135 grams. Supposed to be a bit less stiff than the Ion Element PSX. Head-light. PowerNick 19 strings.

Black Knight Ion Storm XT

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX

130 grams, teardrop, head-light. And greeeeen. PowerNick 19 strings.

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX

Black Knight Ion X-Force

Comes in a few versions: the black is 140 grams, yellow and pink are both 145 grams. Canadian #1 Sam Cornett also plays with a signature version of the black. All are head-light. SuperNick XL Micro strings.


Black Knight Ion Galaxy PS

140 grams, head-light, SuperNick XL Micro strings; all the same as the X-Force black. Not entirely sure what the difference is.

Black Knight Ion Galaxy PS

Black Knight Magnum Corona 6

Another 140 gram head-light guy, though this one is supposed to be a little less stiff than the others. SuperNick XL Micro strings.

Black Knight Magnum Corona 6 Squash Racket

Black Knight Ion Storm

Similar specs to the Magnum Corona 6. David Palmer used to play with this guy. Strings: PowerNick 18.

Black Knight Ion Storm Squash Racket

Black Knight Ion Cannon

130 grams and teardrop. Head-heavy. Strings: SuperNick XL Ti.

Black Knight Ion Cannon Squash Racjket

Black Knight Ion Cannon PS

135 grams, 5 grams heavier than the regular Ion Cannon. P.S. — Matthieu Castagnet plays with this. The strings are SuperNick XL Micro.

Black Knight Ion Cannon PS Squash Racket

Black Knight Quicksilver TC

125 grams and head-light. Strings: PowerNick 18.


Black Knight Quicksilver NXS

130 grams and head-light. 5 grams heavier than the Quicksilver TC. Strings: PowerNick 18.

Black Knight Quicksilver nXs

Black Knight C2C

140 grams, head-light. I like the maple leaf styling. Comes in white, black and red. All strung with SuperNick.

Black Knight C2C xSX - White

Black Knight Razor TC

Classic frame shape, 135 grams and even balance. Not sure on the strings.


Black Knight Omega

135 grams and even balance. Same as the Razor TC, but I think it comes with not-as-good strings.

Black Knight Omega  Squash Racket

Black Knight Stratos

145 grams, their heaviest, but not too heavy. Even balance.


Harrow Squash Rackets Roundup

Harrow squash rackets are popular with both pros and amateurs. They offer a few classic frame shapes, with lots of different options in terms of weights, balance points, and cosmetics. Most of their rackets are available in a multiple styles. All Harrow rackets are advertised at the “strung” weight, i.e. quoted including the weight of the strings, which adds about 10 grams. Harrow squash rackets tend to be up there in price.

Harrow Spark

The Harrow Spark weighs in at 135 grams strung, so about 125 grams unstrung. It comes in a few styles. This one is the Jonathon Power signature version, which came out in 2013/2014:

Harrow Spark - Jonathon Power 2014

Previous models:
Harrow Spark (Original)

Harrow Vapor

140 grams, strung. Used by tons of men’s and women’s pros, including world #2 Raneem El Weleily. There are two sweet new styles for 2015, called the Harrow Vapor Misfit.

There’s a blue version:
Harow Vapor Mifsit

And a hot pink version:

Previous versions:
Harrow Vapor [Red / Black]
Harrow Vapor [Original]
Harrow Dread Vapor

Harrow Vibe

This is another Jonathon Power signature model. It weighs in at 140 grams, strung. Chris Simpson and Omar Abdel Meguid have used this racket.

Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power 2013

It also comes in a black version:

Harrow Vibe [Black]

Harrow Stealth

The original Harrow Stealth is used by LJ Anjema. It weighs in at 145 grams strung.

Harrow Stealth Squash Racket

There’s also the Harrow Stealth Camo:
Harrow Stealth Camo

Harrow Stealth Ultralite

This is 140 grams strung, 5 grams lighter than the regular Harrow Stealth. It comes in two cosmetics, the original Stealth Ultralite (which Joshna Chinappa uses):

Harrow Stealth Ultralite

And the Harrow Stealth Ultralite Retro:

Harrow M140

140 grams, dense string pattern of 16 x 19.


Harrow Stellar

145 grams strung. Another dense string pattern, 16 x 19.

Harrow Stellar Squash Racket

Harrow Silk

145 grams strung, teardrop. Marwan El Shorbagy has used this racket. Low Wee Wern play with her own signature version of this racket.

Harrow Silk

Harrow Fury

145 grams strung. The Nathalie Grainger signature racket.


Harrow Rebel

145 grams strung.

Harrow Rebel

Harrow Renegade

145 grams strung. Annie Au and Rachael Grinham both use this racket.

Harrow Renegade Squash Racket

Harrow Bancroft Players Special

150 grams strung.


Harrow Clutch

150 grams strung.

Harrow Clutch

Harrow Blade

155 grams strung, teardrop shape.

Harrow Blade 2014

Harrow Bancroft Executive

160 grams strung.


Harrow Turbo

160 grams strung. This is the final Jonathon Power signature model. This one’s a teardrop shape, and is meant more for beginners / intermediate players.


Harrow Clash

160 grams strung. Under $100.


Harrow Fierce

170 grams strung. Meant for beginners.

Harrow Fierce

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S [Updated]

It’s the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S, which is the new version of the muy popular Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 that Shorbagy, Rodriguez, Sherbini and more play with.

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S

Image via

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Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (125 grams)
Balance: Head-Light (35 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 cm sq)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

Racket Info

First saw this puppy posted at in Germany. Thanks to Michel Goulche for the tip.

This racket is pretty much identical to the previous Tecnifibre Carboflex 125, with even-hotter cosmetics, and also a detachable bumper guard, if you want to take a little weight out of the head. Turns out you can only remove the bumper guard when you restring it though. See the reviews for more.

Here’s another photo from PDH Sports:

Photo via

Gregoire Marche was using this in the first round of the 2015 Grasshopper Cup in Zurich:

Photo by Irena Vanisova

Here’s Miguel Angel Rodriguez in the 2015 Bundesliga finals:

Bundesliga Finals! Playing a decider match against my Coach David Palmer.

A photo posted by Miguelon Ⓜ️ (@miguesquash) on


Mohamed El Shorbagy just got his shipment in:

My new #tecnifibre babies have arrived!!! #tecnifibreweapons

A photo posted by Mohamed Elshorbagy (@moelshorbagy) on


Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports:

Larry at Squash Unlimited comments:

Cosmetics are amazing and the custom bumper system should be an interesting feature to playtest. We will be be taking them on the court shortly.

Michel comments:

get my first hits tonight and as expected i felt immediately confortable with the racket as i was playing with the yellow one before.
I did not notice any big big changes but subtle things mainly, i think, due to the brand new string:
– the ball was popping out the racket with a very nice sound like a real “pop”
– the sweet spot was easier to find
– control was better especially on the back hand side : high, deep and glued to the side wall.
– very good feeling on the drop shot while cutting the ball.
These are my feelings BUT it could be that i was in a good day, or very pleased to play a brand new racket, or just a psychological type of things, or all that together !!!
Anyway this is a fantastic racket that i warmly recommend. lovin’ it !

CorpPilot comments:

Its the same stick as before with some pretty matte black and red cosmetics. The primary and only truly noticeable difference would be the graphics and the two piece frame/gromet strip.

Update: I got a chance to to hit with this myself. I took to it immediately. The balance felt head-light / even and the racket had tons of control.

Have you tried this racket? Please leave a review in the comments!

Harrow Sublime Squash Racket

The Harrow Sublime. It puts the lime in sublime.

Image via

The proper technique with “the Limey” is to storm out of the locker room looking for your opponent and then shout, TELL HIM I’M *&#^! COMING!

Harrow Sublime Info

Weight: Medium (150 grams strung)
Balance: Head-heavy (37 cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

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If you’ve tried this racket, please leave a review in the comments! Thanks

Black Knight Breeze Squash Racket

The Black Knight Breeze. Do you feel that breeze? That’s coming from this racket, which has has a “thin profile bridged head design for a faster swing speed”.

If the match is getting tight, I don’t sweat it, I just let the Black Knight blow in the breeze.

Black Knight Breeze

Racket Info

Image via

Weight: Medium (140 grams dynamic weight)
Balance: Head-heavy
Head Size: Large (493 cm sq)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

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