The Best Squash Rackets Review

My goal is to make this the best squash rackets review page on the planet. How? I post more products than anyone else. Since Squash Source is not really a store (though I do link to stores) I'm able to post ALL the rackets I come across, regardless of where they're sold.

Wilson Whip

The Wilson Whip. I think this came out in 2014. It’s positioned at the top end of the Wilson range at $190.

Wilson Whip Squash Racket
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Weight: Heavy (145 grams)
Balance: Head-heavy (36.3 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 sq. cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

It’s got an interesting thing going on around the throat. Wilson calls this the Power Hinge:

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Wilson Whip Reviews

Have you tried this racket? Please leave a review in the comments!

Wilson Impact Pro 900

This Wilson Impact Pro 900 is a beginner squash racket. It weights 215 grams (very heavy), but they say it’s head-light. Anyway the important point is it’s $45.

Wilson Impact Pro 900 [2014]
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Here, I think, is the prior version of the same racket. This one’s red and silvery, and a few bucks more expensive.

Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racket
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Wilson Impact Pro 900 Reviews

I haven’t tried this. If you have, please leave a comment!

Tecnifibre Dynergy Max

The Tecnifibre Dynergy Max 145 Flexarm. Tecnifibre says this racket is a “maximum of power and tolerance”. By tolerance, I think they mean “less likely to break when you smash the wall”, but it just doesn’t have the same ring.

Tecnifibre Dynergy Max 145 Flexarm
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Weight: Heavy (145 grams)
Balance: Even (35.5 cm)
Head Size: Medium (490 sq. cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 18
Strung with: Tecnifibre synthetic gut

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Tecnifibre Dynergy Max Reviews

Have you tried this racket? Please leave a review in the comments below!

Wilson PY 138 BLX

The Wilson PY 138 BLX.

WHY GOD, WHY? This is the weirdest, most inelegant frame shape I’ve even witnessed. They say it provides extra power, but even if it provides bone-crushing power, I’m not sure I’d want to pull it out of my bag.

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Weight: Medium (138 grams)
Balance: Head-Heavy (36 cm)
Head Size: ???

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Wilson PY 138 BLX Reviews

Ok, I wasn’t very nice to this racket, and I’ve never even touched it. If you’ve tried it out, please leave a review in the comments!

Mantis Squash Rackets

Here are the Mantis squash rackets I’ve seen around. Haven’t posted many of these individually yet, but will do eventually.

Mantis Squash Rackets 2015

Just now seeing some of the new Mantis squash rackets coming out.

Mantis Power 110 II

New version of the Mantis Power 110, which is Stephen Coppinger’s racket. Haven’t seen him using this new version yet.


Mantis Pro 115 II


Mantis Pro 125 II

Mantis Pro 115 II

Mantis Power 130 II


Mantis Squash Rackets 2014

Mantis Tour


Mantis Power Black


Mantis Power 110

Mantis Power 110 Squash Racket

Mantis Pro 115


Mantis Pro 125


Mantis Power 130


Mantis Xenon


Mantis Xenon Vibe


Mantis Xenon Comp


Mantis Titanium Comp