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My goal is to make this the best squash rackets review page on the planet. How? I post more products than anyone else. Since Squash Source is not really a store (though I do link to stores) I'm able to post ALL the rackets I come across, regardless of where they're sold.

Prince Squash Rackets Roundup

Here’s a Prince squash rackets roundup. These are all last season’s rackets, and I’ll update this as and when new ones come out.

Prince has been on the squash scene for a long time. I remember when the Prince Extender came out during my junior squash days. I think it was the first racket to have the strings go all the way down through the throat. These days they have a new style they call the power ring, which is where the strings wrap down through the throat, like you can see in some of the pictures below.

Prince Squash Rackets 2014 / 2015

Prince Pro Rebel 950

Used by Nicol David, Adrian Waller, Saurav Ghosal and more.

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racket

Previous versions:
Prince EXO3 Rebel

Prince Pro Tour 850

This is James Willstrop’s racket. Or rather, it was for a long time, but I think he just switched to the Prince Pro Beast.

Prince Pro Tour 850

Previous versions:
Prince EXO3 Pro Tour

Prince Pro Beast 750

James Willstrop and Sarah-Jane Perry have both been playing with this one. Ramy appears in the ads for this racket, but he actually plays with the Prince Airstick 130.


Prince Pro Shark 650

New in the Prince lineup this year. Chomp.

Prince Pro Shark 650 PowerBite

Prince Pro Black SP 850

Prince Pro Black Speedport 850 Squash Racket

Previous versions:
Prince O3 Speedport Black

Prince Pro Sovereign 650

Prince Pro Sovereign 650

Previous versions:
Prince TT Sovereign

Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550

Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550

Previous versions:
Prince Airstick 130

Prince Pro Tour Original 750

Prince Pro Tour Original 750

Previous versions:
Prince O3 Tour

Prince Team Warrior 1000

Prince Team Warrior 1000

Previous versions:
Prince EXO3 Warrior

Prince Team Silver Original 900

Prince Team Silver Original 900

Prince Team Pink 700

Prince Team Pink 700

Previous versions:
Prince EXO3 Red

Prince Team Black Original 800

Prince Team Black Original 800

Previous models:
Prince O3 Black

Prince Team Peter Nicol 700

Prince Team Peter Nicol Pro 700

Prince Team Airstick 500

Prince Team Airstick 500

Spotted: Salming Squash Rackets

Salming squash rackets! Great scoop by Rick Young, who spotted Adrian Grant using a Salming racket at a Premier Squash League match:

Photo via Premier Squash League

Thanks to gripnrip for the tip on this photo from the New South Wales Premier League:

Image via scott_squash

Thanks to Michel for a couple additional tips. Here’s a photo of the Salming squash rackets via the Willoughby Squash Club:

Photo via Willoughby Squash Club

And here are the rackets! They’re all strung with DoubleAR string, which is a premium string that comes out of Italy I think. Will have to write about that at some point, but here are the rackets for now:

Salming Aero Vectran Ponte

Image via

Salming Aero Vectran Forza [Blue]

Image via

Salming Aero Vectran Forza [Pink]

Image via

Salming Aero Vectran Potenza

Image via

Will update this space as I have more info.

Updated: New Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S

It’s the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S, which appears to be the new version of the muy popular Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 that Shorbagy, Rodriguez, Sherbini and more play with.

Image via

Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (125 grams)
Balance: Head-Light (35 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 cm sq)
String Pattern: 14 x 18

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Buy (UK):

Racket Info

First saw this puppy posted at in Germany. Thanks to Michel Goulche for the tip.

Apparently this racket is pretty much identical to the previous Tecnifibre Carboflex 125, but with hot cosmetics, and also a detachable bumper guard, if you want to take a little weight out of the head. Turns out you can only remove the bumper guard when you restring it though.

Here’s another photo from PDH Sports:

Photo via

Gregoire Marche was using this in the first round of the 2015 Grasshopper Cup in Zurich:

Photo by Irena Vanisova

Mohamed El Shorbagy just got his shipment in:

My new #tecnifibre babies have arrived!!! #tecnifibreweapons

A photo posted by Mohamed Elshorbagy (@moelshorbagy) on


Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports:

Larry at Squash Unlimited comments:

Cosmetics are amazing and the custom bumper system should be an interesting feature to playtest. We will be be taking them on the court shortly.

Michel comments:

get my first hits tonight and as expected i felt immediately confortable with the racket as i was playing with the yellow one before.
I did not notice any big big changes but subtle things mainly, i think, due to the brand new string:
– the ball was popping out the racket with a very nice sound like a real “pop”
– the sweet spot was easier to find
– control was better especially on the back hand side : high, deep and glued to the side wall.
– very good feeling on the drop shot while cutting the ball.
These are my feelings BUT it could be that i was in a good day, or very pleased to play a brand new racket, or just a psychological type of things, or all that together !!!
Anyway this is a fantastic racket that i warmly recommend. lovin’ it !

CorpPilot comments:

Its the same stick as before with some pretty matte black and red cosmetics. The primary and only truly noticeable difference would be the graphics and the two piece frame/gromet strip.

Head AFT Discovery [Spotted]

The Head AFT Discovery:

Head AFT Discovery
Image via

Product Notes

This is probably the newest version of the Head AFT Supreme. This is a heavy but inexpensive racket that Head usually packages into a starter kit with a few balls and eyeguards included.

Advertised Specs

Weight: Heavy (190 grams)
Balance: Head-light (30.5 cm)
Head Size: Medium (485 sq cm)
String Pattern: 12 x 17

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I haven’t seen this at any of my usual affiliates but looks like it’s for sale in Canada at